Abhishek Thaware is India’s First Teeth Archer



In this story, we are covering something unusual yet inspiring. Abhishek Thaware is the man who proves the quote that says, “Disability does not mean inability,”  and many other like this.  He has managed to get his name recognized as the first teeth archer in India. Yes, he shoots with his teeth. He is a human example of the saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” His necessity was to perform his passion, and here we see him shooting arrows using his teeth.


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From a very young age when he was in 8th standard, he started taking part in athletics at the state level as well as national levels.

His motivation was his cousin brother Sandeep Gawai, who not only strived him to learn archery but also suggested him to use teeth in this. His financial background is not very consolidated, so he had to wait for 2 years to buy his first archery set, with his mother’s jewelry.  

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He learned his formal training from Mr. Chandrakanth Ilag, who helped him a great deal in improving his skills. Resultantly, in July 2015, he showed his extraordinary performance in para archery World Championship trials which were conducted by Archery Association of India.

After that, now, he is the silver medal winner from All India Archery meets for the disabled, conducted in the year 2015.

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In a conducted interview with The Better India, he said,“There are no polio issues in our country. I am so thankful for that.We never count how much the nation does for us. I want to repay at least a bit. I want to represent my country at the international level and Ii will do anything for that.”

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