Tech Giants Are Offering Extravagant Salaries Up To $900,000 For Generative AI Experts

Tech Giants Salaries AI Experts

A surge in demand for AI knowledge has recently sparked a surprising shift in the labor market, with eye-catching compensation for professions centered on its implementation. This movement cuts across multiple industries and transcends the bounds of traditional technology firms. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Capital One, and Walmart compete for workers skilled in AI and are prepared to pay high salaries for their services. Continue reading to know more.


Increase In AI- Related Job Post

Artificial Intelligence AI

The number of generative Artificial intelligence-related job posts on the job portal Indeed has doubled since the start of this year, according to data from Indeed that The Wall Street Journal received.

Recruiters told the Journal that US corporations are paying competitive six-figure wages in an effort to attract qualified individuals because there is not a sufficient supply of experienced AI professionals to meet the demand for these roles.

“This is pure market economics,” Paul J. Groce, a partner at executive search firm Leathwaite, told the Journal. “We don’t just have thousands more AI developers, product managers, and everything else,” the author said.



netflix login

Amid the writers’ and actors’ strikes, Netflix made news last month by offering up to $900,000 for a product manager position with an AI focus.


Hinge, Amazon, And Capital One

Amazon Inc.

The well-known dating service Hinge is looking for an exceptional VP of artificial intelligence with a possible salary of $398,000 annually.

A senior manager position in applied science and generative AI was posted by industry giant Amazon, with a potential compensation range of $340,300. The attractiveness of AI expertise has transcended technological borders.

Capital One is inviting exceptional engineers in generative AI and offering a competitive salary of up to $325,700 as compensation.




Even Walmart is looking for a senior manager for its conversational AI platform. The professional might make between $168,000 and $252,000 per year.

As advancements take shape, we’re creating new jobs and opportunities for associates to learn new skills,” a Walmart spokesperson said.


Meta And Crossover

Facebook Meta Valuation

Early-to-mid career workers who are knowledgeable about AI can also profit, sometimes even with just a college degree.

For instance, Meta advertised a generative AI research engineer position with a potential yearly compensation of $137,000. For the job, the organization is looking for recent college graduates. Additionally, chipmaker Nvidia announced an appointment for a generative AI research scientist at the entry-level. The salary range for the position is $156,000 to $247,250.

Crossover, a remote job search engine, closed applications for two positions in June: senior director and chief product officer. Both job postings demanded that candidates use ChatGPT and were paid $800,000.


AI Expansion


Companies are starting to accept that mastering generative AI tools like ChatGPT may actually be a skill that may enhance goods and increase production. As a result, Aritificial Intelligence roles are expanding.

According to Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at employment site Resume Builder, “As this tech is still so new, there is a race to bring on employees with this skill for the company to stay cutting edge.” And it appears that businesses are willing to pay for it.

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