Check How It looks When Super-Trucks Transport Gigantic Machinery

Even The Rocket Shuttle Are Transported on Wheels

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Trucks are made for carrying heavy loads in them. However, sometimes they carry some of the gigantic machinery which weigh multiple times to the weight of the truck. When the trucks go on the road with this ultra heavy machinery, everyone stops and captures pictures of the trucks. Today we have brought you a list of such trucks and the load they are carrying.


1. Saturn V Apollo Was Transported


Back in January 1967, this is how the truck looked like when it was carrying Saturn V-Apollo Rocket to the launching pad.


2. The Record Of Heaviest Load


The Logistics Company of Saudi Arab holds the record of transporting the heaviest load on the truck. It was a 4,800 Ton water distillation machine. And, the truck transported it to a distance of 20 Kilometer.


3. 640 Ton Transformer


The transformers contain insanely heavyweight. In 2013, a truck was spotted carrying a 328 feet long and 16 feet wide transformer. The weight of the transformer was reported to be 640 Ton.


4. 1050 Ton Of Gigantic Machinery


It is not an easy job to transport a 1050 Ton of gigantic machinery through the busy roads. On 14 July 2012, a truck was spotted doing this thing in the Mystic city of Belarus.

5. Aluminum Boat Which Weighs 400 Tons


In 1951, a truck was spotted carrying a boat which weighs 400 Tons. The boat was made up of Aluminum and it looked gigantic.

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