Sudha Car Museum Is One Epic Epitome of Creativity



The place holds so much of out of the box interests that its hard to not praise it when you visit there. The place of very unique and first of its kind in the entire world. This handsome car museum is situated in Hyderabad and breathes in the theme of cars and innovative vehicles.

K sudhake established the place and has his name marked in Guinness world record. He got this honour for making the largest tricycle in the world. That is 41 feet and seven inches tall. He has also designed India’s most small train which can hold 10 people in it. The train is only 19 foot long and was finished in 20 days.

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Sudha Car Museum opens from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm covering all days of the week. So, if you have one day in your hand, it will give you enough hours to explore it.

The museum entrance is filled with some scattered display of some old cars. Three halls are comprised of all the creations here. Within those halls, all the antique displays are explained by some assigned persons.

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The museum manifests the unique imagination of its artist. Disposed of so much in his thoughts, K Sudhakar created something breathtaking to take to you through some time traveling.

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