CEO Surprises Student Employee That Walked 32 Km To Reach Work By Doing This – Read On

Walter Carr Employeevia

Walter Carr is a shocking inspiration for many around the world. The young man recently joined as an employee of a packing and moving company. His first clients were a couple Jenny Lamey and her husband Chris. The couple stayed in Homewood- 20 miles away from his place of stay, Pelham, Alabama. That is 32 kilometers! If things weren’t unfortunate enough, right before his first day of work, Waler’s car broke down. He knew he couldn’t go to work. But the story does not end here.


Walked All Night To Get To Work

The young man does not give up hope. He made it to his first day through a plan nobody would have tried. At midnight, Walter started walking. He reached the house on time, by purely walking 32 km! Jenny was beyond impressed by his dedication and sense of responsibility. She took to social media to express her admiration.


Jenny stated,

“Walter said that he was supposed to help us with our move today. The officer proceeded to tell us that the previous evening, Walter’s car broke down and he didn’t know how he was going to get to work. So he left Homewood at MIDNIGHT and started WALKING to Pelham on 280. HE WALKED ALL NIGHT.”


Supposedly, the cops picked him up by morning and after hearing his story, brought him to breakfast and then to Jenny’s house. When the couple asked if he wanted to take a breather, he declined! And following that, he started working.


The company’s CEO was shortly informed of the news, and that too, of his new employee and decided to show his admiration and gratitude as well. He was extremely shocked but also proud. He drove to Walter to give him a well-deserved gift and surprise. Walter was gifted a 2004 Ford Escape for his dedication and work ethic.


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This story is a benchmark proof of ‘hard work always pays’! As they say, the world is filled with 2 kinds of people- the kind that gets things down no matter what and the other, that are filled with excuses. But after this incident, it is safe to say that determination takes you places, but excuses don’t.  Also, check out this list of the most exciting water parks in the world here.

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