From Climbing Mount Everest To Shark Diving: Here’s Whats On The Bucket List Of World’s Billionaires

Bucket List Of World's Billionaires

According to a new study, exhilarating high-risk and expensive activities have piqued the curiosity of billionaires worldwide. The study’s goal is to discover and categorize a list of hobbies based on their expenses and degree of risk, in addition to the billionaires who have tried them. ARKA, a sustainable packaging start-up based in the United States, conducted the research. Continue reading to learn more about these activities and their costs.


A Voyage Around The Moon: $150 million

Voyage Around The Moon Billionaires

According to the study, flying around the moon is the most expensive and risky activity engaged in by billionaires like Charles Simonyi, an American software architect of Hungarian descent, and Richard Branson, a British business entrepreneur, commercial astronaut, and founder of the Virgin Group. This action not only has the greatest hazards, but it also costs an astounding $150 million. Wealthy people like Richard Branson and Charles Simonyi have enjoyed this vacation; thus far, 24 people have tried it.


Space Travel: $55 million

Space Travel Billionaires

Space exploration is the second most expensive pastime that has captured the attention of many billionaires’ attention. With a cost of $55 million, it is also the second most dangerous activity on our list. Guy Laliberté, Charles Simonyi, Mark Shuttleworth, Dennis Tito, and Jeff Bezos, all worth billions of dollars, are among the 622 people who have reached Earth’s orbit.


Blue Origin Space Flight: $28 million

Blue Origin
Blue Origin

On the list of the most expensive activities that billionaires tried, the Blue Origin space voyage ranks third, much as the prior activity. Despite its moderate risk, its $28 million price tag has drawn the attention of 31 people who have tried it, as well as billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Hamish Harding, and Richard Branson.


Trip To International Space Station: $20 million

International Space Station

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the trip to the International Space Station (ISS) ranks fourth in terms of risk and cost. 244 people have traveled to the ISS despite the considerable risks and $20 million price tag, including billionaires Guy Laliberté, Dennis Tito, Charles Simonyi, Yusaku Maezawato, and Dennis Tito.


Scuba Diving In The Mariana Trench: $750,000

Scuba Diving In The Mariana Trench

Scuba diving in the Mariana Trench is fifth on the list of expensive activities millionaires try. Despite the fact that it costs $750,000, which is less than the previous activities, it is still considered a high-risk activity. Moreover, Only three people, including millionaire James Cameron, have dared to plunge deep and unravel the mysteries of the ocean.


Deep Sea Diving To Shipwrecks: $250,000

Titanic Submarine Missing

Even with the stunning Titan Tour catastrophe, searching for Titanic shipwrecks in the ocean’s depths ranks just sixth in terms of expense. This deep-sea expedition to find long-lost shipwrecks has captured the interest of billionaires. Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood, Richard Branson, and Paul Allen have all tried this activity. This extremely risky undertaking only costs $250,000.


Trip To South Pole: $100,000

Trip To South Pole Billionaires

Exploring the gorgeous South Pole comes in at seventh on the list of expensive pastimes millionaires enjoy. It belongs to the $100,000 range of low-risk hobbies. This expedition has been appreciated by many adventurers, including the billionaires Hamish Harding, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg.


Climbing Mount Everest: $55,000

Climbing Mount Everest Billionaires

Climbing Mount Everest comes in eighth place on the list of expensive pursuits that billionaires like. It belongs to the group of high-risk activities that typically cost $55,000. This tour has been enjoyed by more than 6000 adventurers, including the billionaires Mukesh Ambani, Richard Branson, and Bernard Arnault.


Shark Diving: $5,000 To $7,000

Shark Diving

The ninth most expensive activity that billionaires enjoy is shark diving. This tour is a reasonably priced choice, costing between $5,000 and $7,000. It offers a moderate risk level, making it the perfect option for thrill seekers. Furthermore, this exhilarating endeavor has been undertaken by billionaires like Mark Cuban.

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