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Sourav Ganguly And Nasser Hussain Blasts MS Dhoni And Jadhav For Lack Of Intent Against England

Sourav Ganguly on India's World Cup loss against Englandvia

The most anticipated match of the World Cup between India vs England was yesterday which India lost by 31 runs. It was the first defeat of the Indian team in this World Cup. Though Rohit Sharma scored a century and Virat Kohli made 66, but lack of intent in the first 10 overs and most importantly in the last 5 overs gave India their first defeat. Many fans and cricket experts Sourav Ganguly, Nasser Hussain, Kapil Dev raised concern over India’s approach to this high scoring chase.

Sourav Ganguly on India's World Cup loss against England

MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav have shown no intent to score boundaries in the end overs when the team needed the most. The same MS Dhoni who almost pulled the chase of 64 runs required in just 24 balls in IPL against RCB which CSK lost by just 1 run. Yesterday when India needed 71 runs in 30 balls, the team needed Dhoni and Jadhav to score boundaries; but they just kept on taking singles nonchalantly. This gave India their first defeat.

MS Dhoni scored 42 runs in 31 balls, while Kedar Jadhav made 12 in 13. Sourav Ganguly said that though this looks good on paper but is of no use. Sourav Ganguly along with Nasser Hussain blast MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav for showing no intent to win. Nasser Hussain asked Sourav Ganguly about the game plan. Sourav said, there is no intent. When Dhoni casually glided a ball to get a single, Sourav said,

“I don’t have an explanation for that. They are scoring at a run-a-ball when sixes and fours were needed. You asked me the question but I can’t explain these singles.

Nasser Hussain, with last few overs left in the game told,

“I am completely baffled. What’s going on! This is not what India needed. They need runs. What are they doing? Some Indian fans are leaving now. Surely they must want to see Dhoni go for his shots, even if he slogs it off in the air. It’s a World Cup game, top 2 sides, give it a go! Indian fans would want their side to do a little bit more. They want their side to go down with a fight. Risk it to win it.”

You can watch the video below

When Dhoni refused to take single in the last over, Sourav Ganguly sarcastically told on air that

he believes that he is the only one can hit sixes at this stage of the game

“England hit 13 sixes and India only 1. The wicket was flat, one side was the boundary was very short, so there should have been more power cricket from the Indian batters,” said Sourav.

Sourav Ganguly pointed out two major reasons for India’s defeat yesterday. Dada told the host broadcasters in the post-match discussion that

“India lost the chase it in two phases… The first 10 overs of their chase when Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma struggled to score quickly and the last 5 overs when Dhoni and Jadhav scored at a run-a-ball despite the asking rate being well over 13 runs per over and the final 5 overs,”

Even Kapil Dev in a television cricket show mentioned that we have 5 wickets remaining, it would be better if Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav have shown some fight.

India will take on Bangladesh tomorrow from the same ground Edgbaston, Birmingham. Yes, we do agree with you Dada on this. What do you all think? Let us know in the comments below.

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