Where Soul Goes After Death !!! Mystery

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Death is the end of all biological functions that define a living organism. Although death is inevitable and is certain to happen to all of us, what happens after death is something that is still beyond human knowledge. There are many theories and beliefs about what may happen after we die. Here is a list of 5 most interesting after-death theories:


1. Animal Reincarnation

This theory suggests that once we die, our souls and energy leave our bodies and come back as newborn animals. It also says that all humans and animals share a similar if not the same soul. It’s also believed that each and every person in this world has a spirit guide in a form of an animal, who protects us and leads us through life. The Buddhist religion implies that human souls are reborn as animals because of the sins committed in the previous life. The souls continue to be born as animals till their bad Karma is exhausted. And after that, they are again reborn as human beings.



2. Rebirth

Ever had Déjà-vu? It is an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that should not be familiar at all. Supporters of Rebirth theory suggest that it is because that something may not be as familiar as once thought. They believe that once you die, you are born as a new human being. This continues over and over again. It is believed to be Nature’s way of recycling us and bringing us back as more evolved and better humans. A Russian lady, Tati Valo, who speaks 120 languages, many of which are from her previous lives, is claimed to be living proof of this theory.



3. Heaven And Hell

This theory is widely believed in Abrahamic Religions. This theory suggests that one goes to heaven or hell depending on one’s deeds or faith while in physical life on Earth. In most denominations, heaven is traditionally defined as an eternal union with God. In a simpler language, it is a condition of reward for the righteous to go after they die. Unlike heaven, hell is where the sinners are punished and tormented for their sins. Many believe that life on earth is a test to determine the type of actual life that starts after death.



4. Death Is An Illusion

This is the most complex of all the theories. It says that that Death is just an illusion. Professor Robert Lanza, a renowned scientist says that death is a mere figment of human imagination. He further quotes Biocentrism, which states that the universe is present because of an individual’s consciousness of it. He says that life and biology are two realities that create the universe and not the other way around. Albert Einstein is also said to be a believer of this theory. He once said- “Past, Present and Future are nothing but a stubbornly persistent illusion”. He also suggested that space and time aare indeed relative to the observer. This theory further suggests that everything is just an illusion created by our mind and consciousness and that it all ends with death.



5. Absolute End

This theory is less spiritual and suggests that Death is the absolute end. It denies any possibility of an afterlife or reincarnation. It suggests that death is an empty void of Nothingness. It is like a sleep that never ends. It says that once you die, there is nothing beyond that. You don’t even realize that you are dead, because realizations are created by electrical impulses in the brain.


Irrespective of which theory you believe in, none of them can be proved. We can only hope that these questions are answered someday. Till then we can only speculate about it.  

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