Snapchat Mocks Rihanna Domestic Violence Incident Of 2009 And Causes Public Outrage

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In news, this week’s “Would you rather” on Snapchat greeted Rihanna to somewhat of a disturbing experience. Would you rather “Slap Rihanna” or “Punch Chris Brown”, was the question asked for millions of Snapchat users in the world. Both Rihanna and Chris Brown have slammed Snapchat, with the former posting a snap voicing her disgust over the whole ordeal. Her one post sent Snapchat on a spiral and the company has lost almost 5 percent of its share value around $800 million!


What Is “Would You Rather”?

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It is a game on Snapchat where users must pick one option for a situation. It is meant to be purely humorous and creative, but this time the makers of the game went a little too far with it.


Why Has This Upset Rihanna So Much?

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In 2009, Rihanna was dating her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. But on one specific night that year, Rihanna was subject to a domestic violence incident with him post an altercation. This left her with a bloodied and bruised face. Chris Brown then pleaded guilty to assault post that incident.


What Was Rihanna’s Reaction to The Post?

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In her post, she slammed Snapchat for their “ignorance” to prevent such a post from surfacing on the social media platform. She even mentioned in her post that the post was a direct mockery of victims of Domestic Violence. She also stressed that this wasn’t a personal outburst but rather on behalf of all the women who have been subject to DV.


How Has Snapchat Reacted?

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Snapchat issued an official statement on CNN stating that the ad was disgusting and derogatory. The social media giant has blocked the advertisers. Also,  “Have you ever” has been officially been unaffiliated from Snapchat as well.

The public apology has been refuted by Rihanna. The whole ordeal has had a huge impact on Snapchat’s valuation in the stock market. It has lost close to USD 1 billion in market valuation.

This isn’t the first time that Snapchat has found itself in trouble. Kylie Jenner’s negative statement too inflicted a USD 1.3 Billion on Snapchat. Such incidents will continue to affect Snapchat if it doesn’t come up with a concrete method. It needs to filter out what ads are on their social media platform. On the other hand, Instagram celebs like Priya Prakash Varrier are earning huge amounts from it. Click here to know how much Priya is earning on Instagram from one post.