Shocking CCTV Video Shows Mother Throwing 6 Months Old Baby Out Of A Car – Check Video

UP Newborn Baby Dropped Out Of Carvia

Muzaffarnagar UP On May 6, the second shocking CCTV footage connected to a newborn on the front of a house has surfaced. It appears that the girl rolled on the stairs and fell on the road, only then the rickshaw had gone out of it.


Sunaina – The New Born

UP Newborn Baby Dropped Out Of Car

The child is named ‘Sunaina’ by the collector . The collector has dedicated ‘Sunita Teacho-Beti Bachao Campaign’ to Sunaina too. It is noteworthy that the car rider had left the newborn girl on a ladder ahead of a house. This shameful event is captured on CCTV. The police is trying to reach the family on the basis of registration number of the vehicle.


UP Newborn Baby Dropped Out Of Car

The second CCTV footage attached to this incident has been found. In this, the girl rolls over the ladder and falls on the way. At the same time a rickshaw puller who collects the garbage from the house reached there. He did not see the baby lying down. Furthermore, He took the rickshaw over the girl and went ahead. The rickshaw wheel is clearly visible from the top of the baby. Although the baby started crying in the meantime, the attention of the rickshaw driver was noticed. After this, the people of the village were gathered.

In addition, SSP City Omvir Singh informed that on the basis of CCTV, the vehicle has been detected in the police investigation. Car HR 06 M 5005 An officer of Chapoli village of Panipat (Haryana) is registered with Raval’s name. When the police contacted the car owner’s mobile number 8899490000, he told to take the car to Shamli Kandla. After that, he switched off the phone.


Helplines For The Baby

UP Newborn Baby Dropped Out Of Car

Police said that the investigation is still going and soon they will reach the relevant family. Now, there is an improvement in the condition of a girl recruited in the hospital. According to doctor Amita Garg, the baby is drinking milk now. The collector himself came to see the girl in the hospital. The authorities of ‘faith society’ also went to know the news about the baby. The Collector issued his mobile number- 9452577194 with a favorable appeal to the girl’s mother. Furthermore, He said through the media that if the mother has any problem, tell me so. Please, come and accept the baby.

Furthermore, On Wednesday, in a Mustafa street of Kotwali area, a woman came from the car and left the girl on the stairs of a door. During this time the woman had covered her face. It is believed that the woman is the mother of the girl. When the people heard the cries of the baby, they came out. Consequently, Mohallawalas immediately informed the police. Mohammed Sujaylahi, who lives in Mohalla told that the child was crying badly. We promptly called the police.


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Furthermore, The incident was captured out on CCTV. It seems clear that the Santro car stops in front of the house. From the window, a woman holds a 2-3-day girl wrapped in a cloth on the stairs outside. After that, the carriage goes further. In addition, According to Chief Medical Officer PM Mishra, the baby has been kept in the hospital nursery. Many people have expressed their desire to adopt a child. In this regard, he has been asked to adopt a legal process. What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out this story where this father threw his son into a canal just because he asked for momos.

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