6 Year Old Got Thrown Into Delhi Canal By Drunk Father For Asking Momos

Alwi Throws 6 Year Old Son Into Canal For Asking Momosvia

31-Year-Old Sanjay Alwi was under the influence of alcohol. He had come to Khadar Puliya with his 6-Year-Old son who was crying for momos. Agitated by his cries, the drunk man threw his son in the Delhi canal. Police were informed about this incident and during the investigation, many things came to light.


Alwi’s Drunk Decision

Alwi Throws 6 Year Old Son Into Canal For Asking Momos

A passerby saw him throwing his son into the canal and had informed the Police. As a result, for the rescue operation, Fire brigade, rescue team, disaster team and local divers were arranged by the police. Seems like, they went on a search in late night and could not succeed. Rescue operations went on since morning.

“ek aadmi ne bacche ko nahar mein fek diya hai”


Alwi Throws 6 Year Old Son Into Canal For Asking Momos

Later on in the afternoon, the body of the child was recovered from the Delhi canal. The accused Sanjay Alwi is an e-rickshaw driver. He is a resident of Bhangar Mohalla in Madanpur Khadar. In addition, He has been arrested for this crime. A case under section 302 of IPC was registered at Jaitpur Police station.


What Instigated The Crime

Alwi Throws 6 Year Old Son Into Canal For Asking Momos

On more probing into Alwi’s life, many things were found. It turns out he got married in 2004. And, had three children. However, his wife left him and moved to her parental house. Furthermore, Only this son of his was staying with him. His Uncle Anil when questioned, says,

 “On Saturday, he came after work and took Ayaan towards Khadar as many people go for a walk in the evening. We are four brothers and live in the same locality with our families…we are still in shock,”

Police are trying to analyze his situation and narrow down on why he took this drastic step. Consequently, They have informed his wife about the incident and have also conducted a medical examination. What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comments below. Crime against children is increasing at an alarming rate. Check out this incident where a father killed his one-year-old daughter for this reason. Read here.

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