These Shocking Artifacts Are Sure To Intrigue You – #6 Is Extremely Bizarre


5. 3000-Year-Old Chinese Pottery

Ancient Chinese Vessels Artifacts

Chinese archaeologists have discovered ritual tureen and “soup bowls” in a tomb from the Zhou dynasty-era. Among the remains, there were also wine vessels, which were probably used as part of the funerary rituals of the Chinese.


6. Mummy Encased In A Statue

Mummy Inside Buddha Statue Artifacts

The Buddha statue, dating back to 1100 CE. Inside was a mummy sitting in the same lotus position. Further investigation revealed that the organs had been removed and replaced by scraps of paper with Chinese writing on them.


7.  Secret Paintings Of Claude Monet

Claude Monet's Paintings Artifacts

Claude Monet was a French impressionist painter and one of the most popular artists of that style. His works are among the most coveted paintings in the world. So it came as no surprise that his “secret” art collection garnered a lot of attention when it was put up on display for the first time earlier this week.


8. Handicrafts By Frontline Soldiers During Prussian Wars

Handmade blankets artifacts

These handmade items consist of blankets and scarfs made by soldiers who were probably hospitalized. This was probably done so the soldiers could divert their minds from the gruesome effects of war and the battlefield.

These are just some of the many artifacts which were discovered recently. Shocking aren’t they. Makes you wonder about our origins and history as well doesn’t it? In the ancient world, apart from artifacts and pottery people indulge in other recreational activities such as games and sports. Some of them are just downright brutal. Check out this brutal, ancient games which are too gory to even read about.