These Shocking Artifacts Are Sure To Intrigue You – #6 Is Extremely Bizarre


The ancient world is full of surprises and each and every discovery of an artifact will give more insight into the lives of our ancestors.  Take a look at these interesting artifacts discovered on various dig sites which is sure to get you thinking.


1. Most Oldest Skeleton Of Early Man

Oldest Human Skeleton artifacts

The first known human lived in Ethiopia 2.8 million years ago, according to two remarkable new studies that also reveal the conditions under which the earliest humans evolved.


2. Jewels Embedded In The Teeth Of A Native American

Native American Jewellery Embedded in Skull Artifacts

Recently a 1,600-year-old skeleton of a woman who had gems embedded in her teeth was uncovered in Mexico. They are not marks of social class but are meant for pure decoration purposes only.


3. Brain Of A Dinosaur

Dinosaur brain artifacts

When he showed the lump of rock to a paleobiologist at Oxford University he eventually identified it as a bit of fossilized dinosaur brain, the first fossil of its kind ever discovered. That got the researchers excited. Closer analysis revealed a few-millimetre-thick layer of structures that looked like blood vessels. There were also traces of meninges, the tough outer layer that protects the brain, preserved in mineral form.


4. An Ancient 3-Plug Device

Ancient 3-Plug Pin Artifacts

The “Enigmalith”  presents the undeniable appearance of an electronic component embedded in a naturally formed, solid granite stone. The curious stone was unearthed during an excursion in a rural location in North America, far from human settlements, industrial complexes, airports, factories, and electronic or nuclear plants.