Shaaz Jung, A Man Behind Viral Black Panther ‘Saya’ Photos; Check Out His Amazing Photos

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Last week, the photos of a rare Black Panther went viral on the internet. The Black Panther ‘Saya’ was spotted in the dense Kabini forest of Karnataka. Black Panther is one of the rarest species of animals. Shaaz Jung, a wildlife photographer has clicked the amazing pictures of Black Panther. A wildlife cinematographer Shaaz Jung has been documenting the life of the Black Panther Saya for over five years. He told, he spent his last five years and 12 hours a day tracking the panther.

Talking to a leading channel, Shaaz Jung shared his experience and told,

“It’s been an absolutely incredible journey. I have been studying leopards for the past 10 years, but in 2015, I first encountered this melanistic leopard and it gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally shed some light on the master of darkness. To finally document an animal that hadn’t been studied this intimately before. (sic)”

When asked how he stumbled upon the melanistic leopard in the Kabini forest of Karanataka, Shaaz Jung told,

“I was in Bangalore when it was first spotted. It took a year for me to see him because he hadn’t established his territory yet. So, I spent a year on safari trying to track him and then in 2016 I first saw him. (sic)”

Shaaz Jung told, he has been going into the jungle at 6:00 AM in the morning and spending all day out there in Jungle till 6:30 PM in the evening, seven days a week.

Check out some amazing photos of Saya, Black Panther by Shaaz Jung.

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He who holds the two crescent moons, the shadow that summons light, darkness nears but the stars must wait, for he becomes the night. . . My photographs of this magnificent creature went viral this week. Though I took credit for most it, it is the panther’s enigmatic beauty, often lit by his luminous eyes, that deserve all the applause. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, those that have dropped me some of the most touching messages this week, and to those who have followed me on this beautiful journey from day one. You guys are my inspiration and I hope this animal has inspired you to visit our beautiful Indian jungles. . . #shaazjung #blackpanther #nikon #nikonindia #wildlife #nature #natgeo

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An eerie glow of first light hangs between the trees, silhouettes of branches dance without their leaves, wicked is the wind that waltzes thick as thieves, frigid is the mist for in it something breathes. . . This image does absolutely no justice to what we had witnessed that morning. We drove out at first light and watched darkness lift to reveal nothing but ambiguous shapes in the thick mist. We parked ourselves under the old Banyan, where he was seen the day before. The silence was deafening and dawn was like the dead of night. No songbirds sang, no crickets hummed yet there was an eerie sensation of being watched. Spending years on the same track, tracking the same animals, strengthens your intuition and within minutes a ghostly figure slowly took shape on the road ahead. It drifted by us in absolute silence and was by far my most chilling experience with the black panther. . . View my story for the BTS video. At this point, the light was far better but the image above was shot in extremely low light. I’ve played around with it in post to revive some light but kept it dark to try and retain some of it’s original vibe. . . #shaazjung #nikonz7 #nikonasia #blackpanther #wildlife #nature #natgeo #nikon #kabini

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Aren’t these pictures breathtaking? Shaaz added that at Nagarhole there is only one black panther that they have been recording. He named the black panther Saya, which means shadow for the documentary. Shaaz told that people can stream it on Disney+ Hotstar and is also available on National Geographic Channels. This rare black panther Saya reminded many people of Bagheera from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

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