Section 144 Imposed In Mumbai Till Feb 6: Check The Complete List Of Restrictions

Mumbai Imposes Section 144 Amid Rising Tensions: Here's What You Need to Know

Section 144 Mumbaivia

To ensure security amidst looming tensions, Mumbai has enforced Section 144 till February 6, 2024. The decision comes after activist Manoj Jarange hinted at a massive protest with thousands of supporters from January 26 onwards. This measure aims to curb potential unrest and maintain order in the city.


Restrictions Under Section 144: What’s Off-Limits?

Under Section 144, several restrictions have been put in place by the Mumbai Police. Large gatherings of five or more people are prohibited, as well as the organization of rallies and processions. Additionally, bursting firecrackers and using loudspeakers or music bands in public spaces are strictly forbidden. Even protests and hunger strikes are banned during this period, along with the carrying of weapons in public areas.


Manoj Jarange’s Protest Plans

Activist Manoj Jarange is at the center of this controversy, demanding collective Kunbi certificates for all Marathas. His ongoing Padayatra, pressing for immediate implementation of the Maratha reservation, has sparked tensions. Despite discussions with authorities, Jarange remains steadfast in his resolve to march towards Mumbai from Ranjangaon, Pune, seeking permission for protests at prominent venues like Azad Maidan or Shivaji Park.


Why The Imposition Of Section 144?

Mumbai Section 144

The decision to impose Section 144 stems from concerns over potential disturbances and the risk to life and property during the planned Maratha reservation protest. With indications of a sizable turnout on January 26, authorities take preemptive measures to avert any untoward incidents. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) acted swiftly to ban gatherings and processions under relevant sections of the Maharashtra Police Act, citing the need to maintain peace and order.


What’s Next?

As tensions simmer, all eyes are on Mumbai as the city navigates through this period of heightened alertness. With Section 144 in place, residents and authorities alike are urged to cooperate and ensure compliance with the imposed restrictions. Meanwhile, Manoj Jarange’s determination to push for the Maratha reservation adds another layer of complexity to the situation, underscoring the ongoing socio-political dynamics at play. The imposition of Section 144 in Mumbai underscores the delicate balance between maintaining public order and upholding democratic rights. As the city braces for potential unrest, vigilance and adherence to regulations remain paramount to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

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