Man Goes On Legal Battle With SBI For Wrongly Debiting Rs. 51 And What Happen Next Will Surprise You

State Bank Of India Pays Compensationvia

We all face some unwanted debiting or charges of money in our bank accounts but we often get over it or ignore it in our busy life schedule. However, this man did not like Rs. 51 being wrongly debited from his account and took it to the court and started a legal battle with SBI!

State Bank Of India Pays Compensation

Three years ago, Saiyed Ishrathulla Hussaini, Bangalore had filed a case on the State Bank of India in Consumer Forum for inadequate services and wrongful accounting. He was wrongly debited Rs. 51 from his bank account. It was a nominal sum and this might have happened to many but as earlier, we skip over it due to our busy schedule but Saiyed took it to the Court.

State Bank Of India Pays Compensation

It wasn’t just the Rs. 51 which agitated Saiyed. On September 23, 2014, he wrote a check to Twinkle Public School for a sum of Rs 20,000 but the money was not received by the school. The school teachers informed Saiyed about this. When he asked the bank on September 29 about the delay in the transaction, he came to know that the concerned employee is on leave.

Employee Taking A Leave SBI

After this, he sent an email to the bank questioning about the delay in the payment, but he did not get any response.  After which Saiyed again sent an email to the bank on October 2, for which the bank said that on October 1, Rs 20,000 was transferred to the school account. However in that mail, the bank did not give any reason for the delay, nor did it express any remorse for its lousy service.

Accounting such uncomfortable services being provided by the State Bank Of India, Saiyed filed a case on SBI. The legal disputes went on for 3 years. Finally, Saiyed won with a compensation Rs. 9000 for the SBI. His act of fighting against what was wrong is extremely inspiring and we should the same and not overlook the small things but look into it and give our voice for it! Check out this list of 10 Wilful defaulters in India.

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