Pass Salesforce Exam With Practice Tests And Get Ready For A Successful Job As Salesforce Administrator


Are you determined to make a shift in your career and become a Salesforce admin? Are you aiming to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the certification exam? As long as you are motivated and ready to invest your time and energy in studying for the Salesforce Administrator accreditation, then you have all the chances to earn it. There are not so many certified Salesforce admins in the industry. Thus, this credential can be your winning ticket for professional recognition.

This article for all candidates who are just starting with their studies for the Salesforce Administrator test as it is not so easy and the preparation process requires serious concentration. We’ll tell you what you should expect from the assessment and what responsibilities you’ll be able to perform when getting certified. So, are you ready to find more about it?


What Does A Salesforce Admin Do?


Before you jump into getting the Salesforce Administrator certification, you should have very clear in your mind what are the activities that you might have to do after you become accredited. Thus, you can make an informed decision and conclude whether this badge is something that you need or not.

A Salesforce Admin has the following tasks:

  • How to manage and use Salesforce functions?
  • Training users and helping them get the most out of the platform
  • Staying permanently aware of the latest trends and updates in Salesforce services

Does it sound interesting to you? If you feel that this credential will leverage your career and make a difference in your professional future, then you should definitely earn it. So, keep reading the following paragraphs as we will tell you how you can do it.


How To Become A Certified Salesforce Admin With Training And Practice Tests?


The first thing for you to do when starting your preparation for the certification exam is to discover all its main features because this knowledge will make all the processes easier for you.

  • There are no stringent prerequisites for the test but the vendor recommends that candidates should have at least 6 months of experience working with the Salesforce platform
  • During the exam, you should answer 65 questions in 105 minutes and get a score of 65% or higher
  • You should be ready for an intensive training period and allocate around 115 to 125 hours for it

When it comes to revision materials, there are different alternatives. You can opt for virtual classes, live instructor-led training, or go through study cases and recorded videos. Also, you can use practice tests to know which are the topics that you’ve mastered to perfection and which you need to study more. Moreover, some mocks can be run in a specific testing environment that prepares you to face the real assessment confidently.




It can be obtained only through hard work and dedication. You should begin with understanding what skills you need to develop and grasp the required information through official courses and diverse practice tests. That’s how you can make a difference on the exam day and pass it with flying colors, so keep in mind and you’ll get and start your certification journey today!

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