Watch: Rohit Sharma Gives Sassy Reply To Aamir Khan For Mocking Cricketers Is Going Viral

Rohit Sharma Aamir Khan Dream 11 Ad

Fans of Rajkumar Hirani’s blockbuster movie 3 Idiots were all perplexed and waiting impatiently for its successor. The legendary trio has, however, confirmed that they would not be working together on the movie. Instead, in the Dream 11 advertisement, they’re uniting to replace players on the cricket pitch. You did understand correctly. Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, and Sharman Joshi, actors, are preparing to replace the cricketers. They think that the majority of cricketers are now entering the acting industry. As a result, they will join the cricket field and follow suit. Rohit Sharma gave a sassy reply to Aamir Khan for mocking cricketers in the video.


All About The Dream 11 Advertisement

Aamir Khan 3 Idiots Dream 11 Ad

Recently, the 3 Idiots cast members and a few cricket players from the India squad got together to promote the cricket betting app Dream 11. There, they were all making fun of one another. In addition, the cricket betting app Dream 11 recently released a new promotional video ahead of the IPL 2023. Along with Ashwin, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hardik Pandya, it has brought together Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, and Sharman Joshi.

Moving on, the actors speak at a press conference in the footage. To further declare that they are going to play cricket, they debunk all the rumors about the 3 Idiots sequel.

Aamir Khan Dream 11 Ad

In addition, Madhavan and Sharman commence by noting that cricketers are now becoming very curious about acting and TV commercials. Aamir adds more to the conversation by saying,

“Toh humne socha ye log acting mei busy hain to cricket hum kar lete hain”

The Indian players then start laughing in response and begin to make fun of them.


Epic Response Of Rohit Sharma To The 3 Idiots Trio

Rohit Sharma Dream 11 Ad

Aamir Khan’s proposal to play cricket is mocked and ridiculed by several cricketers in the video. Additionally, the Indian players are also laughing in response to this. The funniest conversation, though, was between Aamir Khan and Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma says that playing cricket in a movie like Lagaan does not immediately make one a cricketer, while also mentioning Aamir’s skill in the sport. Here Rohit Sharma refers to the famous film starring Aamir Khan and said,

“Lagaan mein cricket khelke koi cricketer nahi ban jata”

Furthermore, Madhavan also makes fun of Rohit by pointing out that Aamir is the one who produces real hits in his career. However, yet again, Rohit comes back and says,

“2 saal mei ek hit deke koi Hitman nahi ban jata”


Here’s How Other Cricketers Reacted

Ashwin Dream 11

In the promo video for Dream 11, mocking Aamir Khan, Ravichandran Ashwin said,

“bolne ke liye paisa nahi lagta hai bhai”

Jasprit Bumrah Dream 11

Furthermore, when actors start flaunting Aamir’s 300 crore flicks, Jasprit Bumrah challenges the actors to play a 150-kilometer ball on the field.

Pandya Brothers 3 Idiots Dream 11 Ad

Even while describing how challenging it may be for the cricketers on the field, Hardik Pandya adds,

“Ek bouncer aayega, zameen pe aajaoge”

The advertisement’s primary message is that anyone can play cricket on Dream11. The commercial is also popular, receiving praise online for its liberal use of nostalgia. The actors and players continue to engage in friendly competition with one another in the meantime. Many viewers are also moved by the advertisement and in splits as they relish the fans’ playful banter. Additionally, this happens shortly after Kareena Kapoor and Boman Irani’s reactions to the movie’s sequel. They asserted that they were unaware of the development. Now it appears that they were also a part of the promotion of this new advertisement.

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