Various Reasons Why Food Courts Are Always Present On The Top Floor Of The Shopping Mall

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The idea of a retail mall has long attracted us all. A shopping mall’s internal infrastructure is also constantly improving. A mall now offers more than just places to buy. The malls not only have every major clothing brand in the nation, but they also have a lot of other shops selling electronics, cosmetics, furniture, etc. The one thing that virtually every shopping center has, however, is a food court. It is that area of the mall where all the enticing, delicious foods are there. However, have you ever noticed that every mall’s food courts are always on the top floor? This is why.


Human Psychology

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Human psychology impacts the positioning of food courts on shopping malls on upper floors. One study found that when people are hungry, they are more likely to spend money. Additionally, customers are forced to walk around the mall and pass through the numerous shops because of the food court’s location on the top floor.

This raises the possibility that customers may buy things on impulse and spend more money in the mall. In addition, food has the most significant impact on how the human mind is diverted. People will become sidetracked if the food court concept is used on the bottom floor or the mall’s first level. As a result, they won’t be able to focus on the shops and stores.



Space In Shopping Mall

Since they take up a lot of room, food courts on the top floor make better use of the space. Food courts can be present on the top floors of a mall to maximize space, which also frees up the lower floors for retail use. Each food vendor needs a display counter, kitchen, and stocking space in the food court. Only when a whole floor is available for the part will this be manageable.



Food Court On Top Floor

Food courts are frequently present on the upper levels of shopping malls because they divert shoppers’ attention. Customers also have to walk through the mall and several showrooms before reaching the food court on the top floor. Moreover, this can result in more people walking through the mall, which might mean more customers for the mall’s retailers.

Furthermore, the food courts have a unique atmosphere where the confluence of aromas may send you into a trance. Therefore, if a food court is located on the lower floors, the aroma may cause you to lose focus on why you visited the mall in the first place. You can therefore find yourself overindulging in the foods.


Tired Customers

Food Court In Shopping Mall India

Finally, food courts often reside on the top levels of malls to accommodate weary consumers. Having a variety of food options close by saves time and energy because shopping may be tiresome as well. Customers can also take a break from shopping because the food court is on the top floor. From the top of the mall, they may eat while enjoying the view.



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Food courts tend to be on the top floor due to security, which is another crucial component. The food court’s top-floor location prevents spillage and cooking mishaps on the lower levels. Additionally, it’s because they take up a lot of room. The food court’s top-floor location makes it simple to deliver food and supplies using the service lift. Furthermore, it guarantees the security of visitors traversing other floors in the event of incidents.

There is nothing that can compare to the romance of food; thus, we suppose it is for the best that the food courts are located on this floor alone. It’s because if the food court were on the lower floors, we would never find out which companies are in the mall.

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