Reason Why ‘India’s Most Beautiful Village’ Kollengode Became A Nightmare For Residents

India's Most Beautiful Village Kollengode Kerala Village

Kollengode, A village in Pallakad district of the beautiful state of Kerala. Famous for its greenery and attractive natural nature.

The village was recently awarded the title of “India’s Most Beautiful Village” by a popular magazine. This title was meant to be a great honor for the village. However, this title has become an utter nightmare for village residents. Continue reading to know more about the issues faced by the village.


Why Is Kollengode Popular?

India’s Most Beautiful Village

The sudden increase in tourists was caused by a Famous businessman “Anand Mahindra” tweeted when he mentioned Kollengode in his list of India’s 10 most beautiful Villages.

The village’s popularity shot up due to its beauty when it was posted on social media and gathered sudden attention from the public.


Problems Faced By Kollengode Village

Most Beautiful Village

The narrow roads of the village are clogged with vehicles and tourists from all around the country. This is causing difficulties for the residents. The constant noise and pollution have also affected the health of the village’s residents. The increase in tourists has caused a shortage of the already limited resources of the village. Basic amenities such as water and electricity are falling short for their fellow villagers.


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The cost of living in Kollengode has suddenly risen due to a shortage of resources. The prices of essential commodities like food and fuel have gone up. Therefore, making it difficult for the villagers to make ends meet. It is hard for the villagers to find affordable accommodations as most houses are converted into homestays and hotels for tourists. Furthermore, the tourists throw plastic and other waste littering the village.


The Villager’s Reaction

Most Beautiful Village Kollengode

A protest has been carried out by the villagers seeking the government to take necessary steps to regulate tourism in the village. And to provide them with the infrastructure needed to cope with the demands of the tourists.

Now, the government has answered by setting up a committee to solve this issue. Moreover, the committee has solved the issue by stating that the number of tourists visiting the village will be limited. Therefore, enough resources and infrastructure would be provided to cope with the demands of the tourist. The villagers also hope the government will take action to address their concerns. They want to preserve the natural beauty of their village while also benefiting from tourism. They believe that with the right policies in place, tourism can be a source of income for the village without compromising its way of life.

In conclusion, the tag of ‘India’s Most Beautiful Village’ has become a nightmare for the residents of Kollengode. The sudden influx of tourists has caused many problems for the villagers. They are struggling to cope with the demands of the tourists. The government needs to take steps to regulate tourism in the village and provide the necessary infrastructure to cope with the demands of the tourists. With the right policies in place, tourism can be a source of income for the village without compromising its way of life. Do you think that the tag was a nightmare? Have you visited the village? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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