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Reason Why Court Granted Divorce To Shikhar Dhawan From His Wife Aesha Mukerji

Shikhar Dhawan Divorce Aesha Mukerji Mental Cruelty

A Delhi court granted divorce to Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan and his estranged spouse, Aesha Mukerji, on Wednesday, October 4, terminating their eight-year union. The Family Court at the Patiala House complex in Delhi granted the Indian batsman’s divorce, noting that the player had endured “mental agony” as a result of his wife’s years-long insistence that he live apart from their sole kid. Continue reading to know more about it.


Court’s Decision

Shikhar Dhawan Divorce Aesha Mukerji

Judge Harish Kumar accepted Dhawan’s accusations made against his wife in the divorce suit. According to the court’s rulings, Dhawan’s wife either did not fight the aforementioned allegations or did not make an effort to defend herself. The judge stated since Dhawan’s testimony was uncontested.

“Hence, it stands proved that the wife backtracked from her assurance of setting up a matrimonial home in India after marriage and thus made him suffer a long distance marriage and suffer immense agony and anguish of living separately from his own son for years.”

The judge gave Dhawan mandated visiting rights so that he may see his kid for an acceptable amount of time in India and Australia. The court declined to make any rulings about the couple’s son’s long-term custody. Dhawan was also permitted to video talk with his kid.


Court’s Observation On Shikhar Dhawan And Aesha Mukerji’s Divorce

Dhawan had gone through a great deal of pain and suffering for no fault of his own: When they got married, Aesha Mukerji agreed to live with him in India, but she subsequently rejected because she was dedicated to her ex-husband and their two daughters in Australia, according to Dhawan. Dhawan was left in India by himself when she left with their son. The judge stated,

“He (Dhawan) for no fault of his own had been through immense agony and anguish of living separately from his own son for years. Even though the wife denied the allegation, submitting that she genuinely wanted to live in India with him, however, due to her commitment towards her daughters from her previous marriage requiring her to stay in Australia, she could not come to live in India and that he was well aware of her commitment, yet she did not choose to contest the claim.”


Aesha Forced Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan Aesha Mukerji

The court upholds Dhawan’s claim that he was forced to add her as a co-owner to three properties he had purchased in Australia: Dhawan said in his petition that his ex-wife had made demands for and obtained ownership of 99% of his three Australian properties, as well as joint ownership of two others, all of which he had paid for with his own money.

As Aesha did not refute the accusation, the court accepted it. Aesha was unable to demonstrate to the court that she did not force Dhawan to declare her an owner of the residences and that she also provided money to make their purchase possible. The court of law stated,

“The respondent was required to prove that properties were purchased out of her fund as well or her name was included out of love and affection. Thus, Dhawan’s allegation that she compelled him to make her owner to some extent in all three properties or that she pocketed sale proceeds thereof has got to be believed as true.”


Dhawan Was Forced To Pay For Aesha’s Daughters

The court also accepted Dhawan’s claims that Aeysha forced him to pay child support for her two children from a prior marriage in addition to their son Zoravar. She had received child support from her first husband for her two daughters. The court instructed Dhawan to contact the Union government for assistance in addressing visiting or custody difficulties with his kid, particularly those involving his Australian counterpart, in light of his status as a notable international cricketer. The court declared,

“Since petitioner is a reputed International Cricketer and has been a pride of the nation, subject to petitioner approaching the Union Government of India, it is requested to take up the issue of visitation/custody of the minor son with its counterpart in Australia to help him have regular visitation or chatting with his own son or his permanent custody.”

It mandated that Mukerji make arrangements for the child’s trips to India, including any overnight stays with Dhawan and his family, during at least half of the academic year’s vacation times.


About The Divorced Couples

Shikhar Dhawan Divorce Wife Aesha Mukerji

Dhawan and Mukerji have a son named Zoravar after getting married in 2012. Mukerji previously wed an Australian businessman, and their union had two daughters.

It should be mentioned that the pair had split up in September 2021. Fans of the batsman were shocked to learn about his divorce because the duo was well-known and frequently referred to as “couple goals” on social media. The pair then shared multiple postings about their divorce on their own social media profiles.

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