A Real Jabra Fan Travelling To Places Where SRK Has Done Shooting




We all know that people are deeply affected by movies and actors across the globe. Similarly bollywood stars never fail to leave an inspirational impression by their outstanding acting skills. If we take a glance at the times when the adulation of fans have taken over them to make them a jabra fan then we can see crazy stuff which is amazing too.



A New Jabra Fan

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The affect can be progressive as well as contrary. In this case the stimulation is favorable as Shah Rukh Khan, the undisputed “king’ of the bollywood trapped the attention of Abhishek Shetty. Abhishek shetty is an engineer in Dubai. At the age of 3-4 years he found the movie “Baazigar” (1993) unavoidably appealing, the movie eventually led him to adulate SRK.


Devotion Incepted 

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The newly devoted fan then started to watch all the “SRK” movies and eventually found himself pleased by the overlooked yet beautiful places, SRK shot on. The delightful idolization triggered him deeply and the dude started to travel those sights.


Twitter Tells The Story

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If you ever have the pleasure to come across his twitter page, you will definitely see the undeniable laudation that he possesses for Shah Rukh Khan. For last few years the dude manages his time for travel through the continents to visit the sites.


Kaisi Paheli Hai Ye

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In this pic the engineer is posing at the Chand Baori used in “Paheli” (2005), same one is used for a batman movie too.


Influenced By Ashoka, Not The Real One

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Apart from the excellent acting skills of SRK, the movie Ashoka also had beautiful set locations for shooting that captured our interest. While we have been waiting for the opportunities, the dude fabricated his chances and visited the marble rocks in Jabalpur.


Jab Tak Hai Jaan 

If you have watched the movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” (2012) then this place would not be stranger to you.


Yes, it is the Lidder river in Kashmir where a huge part of the movie shooting has been done.

Watching the dedication, devotion and the matchless affection of Abhishek Shetty for SRK, We would like to wish him a good luck for his future and hope SRK will meet his real life jabra fan one day.

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