No Woman Has Given Birth In 400 Years In RajGarh Village – Check Out The Chilling Story

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People who believe in science never believe in God and for such people, this news will make them laugh. And I pity such people that because the ignorance couldn’t make them accept the fact that beyond science there is some supreme power which is ruling this entire universe.

Let me tell you one biggest secret of this universe. If you hurt a person who devoted himself/herself to god completely and living according to what is said in Vedas, then even though your astrology says everything is perfect, your life will be collapsed. Their tears not only harm you but also harm your family and future generations in your family.

That is why elders always say never hurt others with words and actions because you really don’t know who devoted himself to god and living a dharmic life. The one who speaks truth ALWAYS has the power to change anybody’s destiny. The word that comes from their mouth will become TRUE. Now you may be thinking why I am saying all these. Let’s go to Rajgarh village in Madhya Pradesh.


The Village That Was Cursed


Do you know that it’s been 400 years since a woman gave birth to a child in this village?

This is because the village is CURSED. If a woman gives birth here, then the child or the mother will either die or be deformed. The curse was set upon this village when a woman disrupted a temple construction during the 16th Century. Gods cursed the village, saying that no woman would be able to give birth in this village.


The villagers said,

“It’s not superstition. We have witnessed that when some accidental deliveries took place in the village; the child was either deformed or died.”

Women are not allowed to give birth here. They must cross the village and give birth outside if they wish theirs and their child’s well-being.


No One Drinks Or Eats Meat


The sarpanch of the village, Narendra Gurjar said,

“90 percent of the deliveries take place in hospitals, and in case of emergency, deliveries take place just outside the village where a room has been built for this purpose.”

Even during rains of extreme weather, women are taken outside the village for childbirth, he said.

An elderly man from the village says that no one drinks alcohol or eats meat in this village, and that’s a blessing from God on their village.

There are some kind of people who truly believe in god and maintain healthy fear that if some crime or mistake is done that God punishes in some form. There are some other kinds of people who believe in half science and half god, and they will be confused at every walk of life. While there is another category who believes only in science and never accept God. Interestingly there is yet another set of people who believe in God but to the outer world, they say that they believe only facts but not god. I really don’t have any name for this kind of people.

Whether you believe in god or you say its superstition, the truth is always the truth. There are a lot of bizarre traditions and superstitions around the world. Check out these weird traditions of pirates which will surely shock you. Do you know any other superstitions or traditions? Let us know in the comments.

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