Rahul Gandhi’s Portfolio: Check Congress Leader’s Investment Details Worth Over Rs 8 Crore

Rahul Gandhi's Multi-Million Rupee Investments: A Peek into the Congress Leader's Wealth Strategies

Rahul Gandhi Portfoliovia

Rahul Gandhi, the charming Congress Leader representing Wayanad, has revealed his significant investment portfolio, offering an intriguing look into his financial ability. Beyond the political field, Rahul Gandhi’s monetary moves display a refined way of managing wealth.


Navigating Dalal Street

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s financial excursion navigates the clamoring scene of Dalal Street, where his assets take off above Rs 20 crore. Strikingly, roughly 90% of his movable assets, adding up to Rs 8,16,94,091, are decisively allocated to mutual funds and stocks, exhibiting his smart investment insights.


Investigating Stock Holdings

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s stock portfolio flaunts holdings in 25 listed organizations, ranging from industry behemoths to promising ventures. His investment in Suprajit Engineering, with a stunning 4,068 shares valued at over Rs 17 lakh as of April 4, highlights his advantage in small-cap potential.


Rahul Gandhi’s Notable Stock Holdings

Amongst Rahul Gandhi’s notable stock holdings, a few of the major ones are highlighted here in this table:

Name Of Share Number Of Shares Total Value
ITC 3093 Rs 12.96 lakh
ICICI Bank 2299 Rs 24.83 lakh
Pidilite Industries 1474 Rs 42.27 lakh
Shares Market Value
Asian Paints Rs 35.29 lakh
Bajaj Finance Rs 35.89 lakh
Nestle India Rs 35.67 lakh
Titan Company Rs 32.58 lakh


Mutual Fund Ventures

Rahul Gandhi’s investment portfolio also enters into the realm of mutual funds. Along with holdings surpassing Rs 3.81 crore across seven important funds. Notable investments include:

Name Market Value
HDFC Small Cap regular (growth) Rs 1.23 crore
ICICI Prudential Regular Savings Fund Rs 1.02 crore
HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund (G) Rs 79 lakh


Insights From Financial Experts For Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Congress

Sonam Srivastava, Founder and Fund Manager at Wright Research, recognizes Gandhi’s differentiated approach to investing. She mentions his way of optimizing returns while actually managing risks, which is also apparent in his balanced allocation across sectors and market caps.

Name Value
Sovereign Gold Bond Holdings 220 units valued at Rs 15.21 lakh
Public Provident Fund Balance Rs 61.52 lakh

Rahul Gandhi’s investment journey depicts more than simple numbers; it exemplifies a story of judicious financial stewardship. With an enhanced portfolio and a calculated approach to wealth management, Rahul Gandhi sets a benchmark for strategic investment in the midst of the intricacies of the political scene.

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