Rahul Dravid Speaks On Ishan Kishan’s Absence, ‘He Needs To Start Playing For…’

Rahul Dravid Ishan Kishan

Amid India’s Vizag Test triumph over England, Head Coach Rahul Dravid addressed Ishan Kishan’s absence, offering revealing insights. His commentary on Ishan Kishan’s situation demands a closer look and thoughtful consideration. Dravid’s statements shed light on the complexities surrounding Kishan’s role in the team, prompting a thorough examination. As the cricketing community absorbs Dravid’s revelations, speculation and discussions around Kishan’s future intensify.


Ishan Kishan’s Competitive Hiatus

Ishan Kishan Not In Team

Ishan Kishan, absent from Test cricket since August last year, finds himself in selection limbo. Despite accompanying the Indian white-ball teams to South Africa, he remained sidelined. Kishan, citing “mental fatigue,” opted out of the 2-Test series against South Africa, highlighting the toll elite cricket takes on players.


Rahul Dravid Criterion

Dravid, renowned for strategic acumen, set a criterion ahead of the England series. He emphasized Kishan’s return via domestic cricket but clarified the decision rests with Kishan. This player-centric approach underscores Dravid’s commitment to nurturing players on their terms. He said,

“Whenever he is ready, I didn’t say he has to play domestic cricket, I said whenever he is ready, he needs to play some cricket and come back. The choice is his. We are not forcing him to do anything. We are in touch with him. We know what it is. He hasn’t yet started playing, right? At the moment, it’s not something that we would consider. He is maybe not ready. He decides when he wants to be ready.”


Rahul Dravid Clarification And Autonomy

Rahul Dravid Coach

Addressing the media, Dravid clarified his stance and championed player autonomy. He reiterated Kishan’s return depends on readiness, not confined to domestic cricket. Dravid’s stand aligns with sports psychology principles, emphasizing mental well-being.


Speculation And Disciplinary Issues

Amid speculations of a disciplinary issue, Dravid debunked notions, clarifying Kishan’s break was granted without concerns. Dissatisfaction with Kishan’s time in the UAE was refuted, maintaining a healthy player-management relationship.


The Road Ahead

Dravid hinted at potential inclusion, assuring all players, including Kishan, have a pathway back. With Rishabh Pant injured, selectors face pivotal decisions. Dravid’s strategic foresight ensures a balanced approach for upcoming Tests against England.

Ishan Kishan’s absence unfolds with nuances of careful consideration, autonomy, and a player-centric approach spearheaded by Rahul Dravid. The selectors face critical decisions in navigating this intricate scenario. All eyes are on Kishan’s readiness as discussions revolve around his potential return for the upcoming Tests against England. The spotlight intensifies on the unfolding chapters of Kishan’s cricketing journey.

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