Pune Porsche Crash: Two Doctors Arrested For Replacing Blood Sample In Teen’s Drunk Driving Case

Pune Porsche Case Teen Blood Sample Changed

In a shocking turn to the Pune Porsche Crash, two doctors from Sasoon Hospital are arrested and in jail for supposedly altering the proof with the blood test results of a 17-year-old drunk teen. The accused, the child of a noticeable real estate developer, was highly intoxicated during the tragic accident that killed two young IT Engineers.


Manipulated Blood Samples

Dr. Ajay Tawade and Dr. Hari Harnor face major allegations after an investigation that uncovered the blood tests sent for forensic tests were not from the accused. Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar unveiled that the original blood sample was replaced with someone else’s. The incident happened around 11 am on May 19, when Chief Medical Official Srihari Halnor, under Dr. Tawade’s instructions, purportedly discarded the teen’s blood sample and submitted a substitute.


Conspiracy Unraveled For Pune Porsche Crash

Pune Porsche Accident

The incident started to get interesting when the mobile records showed conversations between Dr. Tawade and the teen’s dad on the day of the accident. At first, reports proposed the teen tested negative for alcohol. Nonetheless, CCTV film from a bar he visited was against this, showing him drinking with his friends. Commissioner Kumar highlighted that the minor’s reckless way of behaving was intentional. He had been celebrating at two bars and driving a Porsche without a number plate on a narrow street in Pune. The investigation revealed a second blood test, taken later, which was tested positive for alcohol, raising doubts. DNA tests confirmed the examples came from various people, demonstrating the alleged swapping.


Family Impact

The minor’s influential family supposedly attempted to manipulate the legal process. His father and grandfather, both arrested, are blamed for utilizing their power to protect him. The family’s driver confirmed that he was threatened to take the blame for the accident. Following the nationwide shock, the lenient bail conditions for the teenager, which included writing an essay and community service, were overturned.


Legal Battle Against Pune Porsche Crash

Porsche Car Accident

The Juvenile Justice Board has now sent him to an observation home. The police are pushing to try the almost 18-year-old as an adult. The family of the victims, Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya, demands justice. Also referring to the incident as “murder, not an accident”. Thus the case proceeds to enthrall and outrage the country, revealing insight into the risky mix of privilege, power, and lack of responsibility.

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