A Pregnant Pakistani Singer Was Shot Dead During The Live Performance Watch Video

The Accused Has Been Charged With Double Murder

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The glamour world may seem dazzling but there is another side of it. A couple of months ago we head news about a Pakistani Theater actress, Sumbul Khan was shot dead. A similar incident took place yet again and this time a 6-month pregnant Pakistani Singer Samina Samoon A.K.A Samina Sindhu was shot dead during her stage show.


A Pregnant Pakistani Singer Was Shot Dead During Live Performance

Pregnant Pakistani Singer

A pregnant Pakistani singer was performing in a festive ceremony in Larkana of Singh province. Since she was pregnant she found it comfortable to sing while sitting. However, her choice bothered a man named Tarique Ahmed Jatoi. He asked her to stand up but she refused once but she stood up. She stood up and resumed her singing. But Tarique Ahmed Jatoi took out his gun and shot her thrice. It was a matter of seconds when she fell on the stage.


She Was Rushed To The Hospital But She Died Before Reaching There

Pregnant Pakistani Singer

Samina was taken to a hospital but she was declared brought dead. According to the sources, Tarique Ahmed Jatoi was under the influence of alcohol.


Jatoi Has Been Accused Of Double Murder

Pregnant Pakistani Singer

Samina’s husband filed an FIR against Tarique Ahmed Jatoi for double murder as Jatoi killed his wife and his child that she was pregnant with. The police have started the investigation in this regard.


The Video Went Viral On Social Media

The whole incident was captured in camera and an Islamabad-based human rights activist named Kapil Dev shared the video on social media. In the video, the Pregnant Pakistani Singer can be seen performing and standing up after Jatoi’s request just moments before she showed dead.  He captioned the video, “Samina Sindhu, a 6-month pregnant Sindhi singer, was shot dead in Larkana by Tariq Jatoi. He asked her for a stand-up performance. On refusal, he threatened her. Later when she stood up, Jatoi fired bullets into her body. Now, Jatois are pressurizing her husband to withdraw from the case.”

This shows the criminal mentality that has been developed over the past few years. Now even the stage performers are not safe. What do you think about this one? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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