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Take These Precautionary Measures To Stay Alert From CoronaVirus

Precautionary Measures To Stay Alert From CoronaVirusvia

4. Don’t Spit In Public


Another etiquette that everyone should follow. Spitting in public can increase the germs and bacteria. Do not spit in public. This will help with two things. One, it will help you to keep your city clean. Second, it will not spread germs and other people will not have a problem.


5. Eat Healthy Food


Many of you may be aware that this virus came to humans from animals. The best practice everyone can follow is to avoid eating unhygienic and non-vegetarian food and eat healthy food.


6. Consult A Doctor If You Have Cold


If you are suffering from cold and cough and also having fever, do consult a doctor. It is better to avoid problems by taking precautions.

Always take care of yourself, keep your surroundings clean and avoid going to public places if not necessary. Take these precautions and stay alert from coronavirus.

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