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‘Practices That Could Make Your Brain 50 Years Younger,’ Reveals Expert

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As we age, many bodily functions, including our brain, start to deteriorate. Older people may have a shorter attention span, take longer to learn new things, and quickly forget information. Researchers have found some tricks that can help to make your brain 50 years younger. Continue reading to learn about the practice.


How To Make Your Brain Younger?

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Scientists have studied people in their 70s and found that they could perform as well on memory tests as someone decades younger. They added that you must simultaneously learn three new skills to achieve a substantially more immature brain. Dr. Mosley spoke to developmental cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Rachel Wu from the University of California Riverside.


Who Conducted The Research?

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Speaking of the research, she added,

“The design of the latest study involved having a group of older adults that came in to do at least three new skills at the same time, and they came in for three months. They ended up spending about 15 hours a week doing homework and also sitting in the class.”

The participants were aged between 60 years to mid-80s. The subjects were learning creatively and academically; they were taught new languages like Spanish and skills like photography. The idea was to challenge them to learn something new. So, it was taken care that they were not taught something they already knew a lot about.


The Results

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Dr. Wu explained how children learn various new skills at the same time while growing up. Additionally, she decided to test whether it would benefit adults to adopt this learning style. The samples started to perform cognitive abilities similar to those up to 50 years younger. Dr. Wu further added,

“We found that by the end of the intervention, they were performing in their cognitive abilities at the level of middle-aged adults 30 years younger than them.”

After a year of the study, the results were even more surprising.

“The people were performing more like younger adults, 50 years younger.” She further added. Dr. Rachel Wu suggests, “What we encourage people to do is take as much time as you can in your daily life to be able to learn new skills, and the effects that you can see will be dependent on how much time you can put in, so the more time you can put in, the more benefits you might be able to see.”

The trick is finding three different skills or hobbies to change you. Do you think this practice will lower your brain health? Let us know the skills or hobbies you practice in the comment section! Stay tuned for further updates.

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