The Most Popular Sports That People Would Place Bets On

Popular Sports

For many people, a better way to enjoy watching sports is to also wager on them. Popular sports betting has been practiced for a long time now, but nowadays, it is becoming more widespread. It’s mainly because technology has made sports betting easier for many.

People can now place bets wherever they are in the world. They just need a laptop or even their smartphones and of course, the internet. There are many betting sites that are popular. It’s so easy to look for online bookies that would accept wagers from people in different countries. Different payment methods and currencies are also accepted by bookies online.

With betting on the rise, there are only a few sports that are extremely popular with people worldwide. If you want to know which sports are the most popularly wagered on, we got you! Here are the sports that people would place bets on nowadays.


Virtual Sports


This is the first on our list because virtual sports are becoming more and more popular thanks to today’s technology. You can now access any virtual cricket betting site in India or anywhere you are. It’s now easy to place bets on fantasy or virtual sports.

Placing bets on virtual sports is kind of like playing online slot machine games. The results that virtual sports have are generated by the RNG or Random Number Generator. The outcomes are computer-generated and could be hard to predict. That’s mainly the fun part for punters who would place bets on virtual sports. What’s great is that your favorite sports like cricket, basketball, football, and many more are available for this.



Popular Sports

Football is named the most popular sport worldwide and it just makes sense why it’s on this list. Betting on football or soccer is mainly popular in countries like the UK and Australia. Some of the most popular soccer leagues are the English Premier League or the EPL and the Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA.



Popular Sports

Cricket is the second most popular sport next to football and this is also the favorite of many to wager on. This is extremely popular in India and many of the locals would wager on this sport every time its season is back on. Some of the most popular cricket leagues worldwide are the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, the ICC World Cricket League, and the Twenty20 Cup.



Popular Sports

This may be one of the most popularly wagered on sports in the United States. The NCAA is a college basketball tournament that starts every March of the year. It has a total of 67 games and people would really wait for this. The American Gambling Association estimates that March Madness alone gets around 8.5 billion worth of bet each year, which surpasses the amounts of bets that the Super Bowl would get annually.

Last year, Nevada’s betting handle for March Madness got around 305.5 million US dollars and that is more than double what the Super Bowl made last year which was around 145 million US dollars. Unfortunately, this year, there will be no March Madness due to the threat that the 2019 coronavirus has. The NCAA decided that it’s best to cancel the whole season rather than have it postponed.



Popular Sports

Tennis is also one of the most wagered on sports, but this is mainly because there are tennis matches around the world year-round. Some of the most popular tennis tournaments worldwide are known as the Grand Slam or the Majors. These are the Wimbledon Championships, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the US Open.


Horse Racing

Popular Sports

Placing horse racing bets is a popular activity worldwide. It also remains deeply ingrained in the American and European sports culture. In the US, the Kentucky Derby appears to be the most popular horse racing event. In 2019, it was able to get around 250 million US dollars of wagers worldwide. Around 4 million US dollars of this is from Japan, where odds for this event was offered for the first time. Other popular horse racing events worldwide are the Dubai World Cup, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Breeder’s Cup Classic, Pegasus World Cup Invitational, and the Sheema Classic.

These are just a few sports that people would place wagers on the most. These sports get wagers from punters online and even from land sports betting companies and casinos. You can place bets on almost any sports, nowadays. Even the fewer sports events can be wagered on if you really look for them on different online bookies.

India’s esports scene has been growing at a rapid pace with more and more people not only participating in these games but also taking them more seriously. Esports has mostly been popular in western countries who have made full-blown international championships and have some of the most impressive live tournaments in the world. But now it seems like India also wants to be at the forefront of the sports industry. There are a lot of reasons why India is now becoming one of the top countries in esports and one of them is definitely the increase in developers and web designers from India. The interest in this field has skyrocketed over the last few years creating more local talent, raising awareness, and creating an environment where esports can actually be worth pursuing.

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