Shark Tank India Judge Peyush Bansal Updates About Jugaadu Kamlesh And His Plans

Peyush Bansal Jugaadu Kamlesh

Imagine having a brilliant, genuinely beneficial, and valuable idea in mind. One that you simply know will work out well and probably move you closer to your life goals. Now imagine someone who has a solid understanding of business and who genuinely believes in your project. It seems too wonderful to be true, isn’t it? When Jugaadu Kamlesh appeared on the stage of Shark Tank India with his original concept and passion, that is exactly what was going through his thoughts. Jugaadu Kamlesh is another competitor who quickly gained popularity on social media after Peyush Bansal invested in his idea.


Here’s The Idea Given By Jugaadu Kamlesh

Jugaadu Kamlesh

Jugaadu Kamlesh is a young entrepreneur who proposed a practical pesticide spraying device that he constructed from scratch with the very minimum resources available to him. He became one of Shark Tank India’s stars. He brought attention to the issue farmers have with carrying bulky pesticide tanks on their backs throughout the episode. To address it, Kamlesh worked for 7 years before coming up with the straightforward yet efficient machine that he eventually presented to Shark Tank India judges. Everyone was blown away by his creativity and charm, particularly one of the Sharks and Peyush Bansal, the CEO of Lenskart.

Peyush offered assistance to Kamlesh and gave him Rs 10 lakh in exchange for 40% of the business. Additionally, he extended him a 20 lakh rupees interest-free loan. Peyush has, in the past, offered occasional updates regarding Jugaadu Kamlesh and his creation of a multifunctional cart. Kamlesh, a native of Maharashtra, claimed that witnessing his farmer father’s daily struggles served as inspiration for the cart’s design. Every judge praised his pitch, and Peyush expressed an emotional dedication to the company.


Peyush Bansal Discloses Jugaadu Kamlesh’s Plans

Peyush Bansal

Peyush previously posted many images of a newly remodeled cart on Instagram. He also mentioned that everyone he meets has a query regarding the most recent info concerning Kamlesh from shark tank India. Peyush said that unless he accomplishes something, he doesn’t think it’s appropriate to discuss it. He did provide a brief update, though, in response to public demand. Peyush claims that they have started a design and consumer validation process for the cart. They are assisted in doing this by a group of skilled industrial designers.


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He also mentioned that the design team visited fields in Malegaon and the surrounding area to interact with various farmers and crops. They also used a lot of the comments they received from them. The weight of the cart, movement on various rough terrains, and the width of the cart, he continued, are the three biggest worries. As a further stage, they are developing optimizations and coming up with original solutions to these issues. He included some photos as well.

Kamlesh even emphasized in an interview that you would be praised by everyone after you made a reputation for yourself. However, there are very few people that will help and stand with you during your initial period of difficulty.

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