Types Of People You Should Definitely Avoid In Indian Weddings


6. FBI Relatives

People to avoid in Indian weddings

They will probably ask you about every single thing you’re currently doing or have done in your life. From your studies to marriage plans to future goals, they want to know all about you. They will question you until you’re forced to think of your very existence on this planet.


7. Best Man/Bridesmaid

Indian weddings people

They are the best friends of the groom/bride. After the bride and groom, they’re in the spotlight. People talk about them and discuss their future. And if you happen to meet them by chance (because they’ll be so busy), they’ll discuss the groom/bride and all their details. So, unless you wanna listen to the groom or bride’s childhood from them, stay away.


8. Judgemental Relatives

Relatives in weddings

No Indian weddings are complete without complaining Uncles or Bua. So, if you come across these type of people in the wedding, they’ll probably rant to you for around half an hour on how the wedding is a mess and could be better. No matter how perfect the wedding is, they’ll find faults deeper as it gets.


9. Distant Friends

Indian weddings

You must have met them in school or maybe in a party or somewhere. But they remember you and will talk to you like your BFF. They’ll bore you asking you details of your life and telling theirs. You’ll prefer to stay home than to go to a wedding next time.


10. The Bride/Groom

People to avoid

They’re to be avoided because it gets awkward. After giving wishes, gifts, and a picture with the couple, you don’t know what to say to the couple. And, if you know about their past then the condition gets serious. So, it’s better to wind up the formalities and leave that stage as quickly as possible.

So, these were the types of people you’ll definitely want to avoid in Indian weddings. These are the various songs which you choose for the performance in Indian weddings. Talking about weddings, how do you know if the guy you love is the correct person to marry. Click here to read about these things which a man does when he’s truly in love and cares about you.