This Pakistani Woman Beating Bike Robbers Will Make You Smile

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Not everyone can have that courage to fight back. And you can’t stop appreciating this Pakistani woman for her boldness. The way she beat bike robbers is highly appreciable.

Two robbers tried to snatch a woman’s purse in Rawalpindi. But they didn’t expect that she will catch them and beat.

Pickpockets and bike robbers usually concentrate on women purses and jewelry. But these guys couldn’t realize that there will be some girls who will beat black and blue. These bike robbers caught hold of her bag and went away. But the woman resisted, making the men fall off their bike.

She ran after them to catch them red-handed. However, one guy escaped and here comes the interesting part. She beat the other one black and blue.

“Woman in Rawalpindi beats two robbers who tried to snatch her purse. Love it very timely and brave action,” the tweet was captioned.

Twitteratis appreciated for her boldness and called them Jhansi Ki Rani.

Check out some reactions here.

1. Really brave

2. Pindi girls!!!

3.  That’s Amazing!

4. Bravo!

5. Jhansi ki rani

6. Crap thieves

7. Krish movie

8. Very strong!

If every girl has this much courage and strength to fight back, then I am sure there will not be any atrocities on women.

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