Man Orders INR 300 Lotion, Received INR 19000 Bose Earbuds; What Amazon Did Next, Is Unbelievable

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In recent years, there is a massive spike in online orders. Now due to lockdown, the numbers are increasing every day. Many times we have seen that customers receive the wrong product and face problems. We have read the news that a customer ordered mobile and received a detergent bar. There are many cases of wrong product delivery. Some examples are quite frustrating, while few of them are lucky. Recently, a person named Gautam Rege ordered a skin lotion of INR 300 from the e-commerce platform Amazon but received INR 19000 Bose earbuds. He shared a photo of the package from Amazon India, which also has Surf Excel Matic liquid with Bose wireless earbuds.

Boss Headphones Amazon

Gautam contacted Amazon’s support about the wrong product delivery, but what Amazon did is something unimaginable. He was ecstatic when he was told that the order was not returnable, and he can keep the order. Moreover, to everyone’s surprise, Amazon has also refunded him INR 300 for the lotion. Seriously, Amazon, why this has never happened to me. Jokes apart, check out the tweet of Gautam Rege.

Many people on twitter started asking him about the lotion he ordered and want him to send the link. Check out some of the funny replies.

Well, is it happened with you? I am not the lucky one who received the wrong product like this. Do you have a similar kind of experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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