Open Book Exams: CBSE To Conduct Trails For Classes 9-12; How It Will Affect Students?

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CBSE to Pilot Open-Book Exams for Classes 9-12 in English, Math, and Science, signifying an educational shift. This innovative move aims to gauge its impact on students, focusing on higher-order thinking skills.


Understanding CBSE Open-Book Exams

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  • Open-book exams allow students to refer to study materials during the test.
  • CBSE’s pilot focuses on assessing application, analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Two types of Open-Book Exams: restricted, allowing approved materials, and free, allowing any relevant material.


Historical Context In India

  • Delhi University and CBSE experimented with Open Text-Based Assessment (OTBA) previously.
  • OTBA faced criticism and was discontinued due to negative stakeholder feedback.
  • Central universities like Jamia Millia Islamia conducted open-book tests during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pros And Cons Of CBSE Open-Book Exams

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  • Reduced pressure on students during exams.
  • Encourages deep understanding and discourages rote memorization.
  • Promotes critical thinking skills by requiring analysis and evaluation.
  • Perceived fairness as all students have access to the same resources.


  • Challenges in time management as students may spend excess time searching for information.
  • Risk of students becoming overly dependent on their study materials.


Present Scenario And Board’s Contemplation

  • CBSE considers making teachers take open-book exams first to understand potential challenges.
  • Emphasis on learning from Delhi University’s experiences to enhance CBSE’s OBE preparations.
  • Suggestions to benchmark CBSE OBE content against the clarity and quality of Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

As CBSE embarks on the pilot run of open-book exams, it marks a significant shift in assessing students’ skills beyond mere memorization. While presenting opportunities for enhanced understanding and critical thinking, time management challenges and resource dependence need careful consideration. CBSE’s proactive approach to learn from past experiences and benchmarks reflects a commitment to quality education and continuous improvement in the assessment system. The success of this pilot may pave the way for a more student-centric and practical examination format in the future.

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