Old Man Beaten Up And Slapped By The Traffic Police, Check Out Video

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11th February 2018, Kolkata: An old man was allegedly hit by a policeman when he tried to stop him from taking away his motorbike from where it was parked. When they didn’t listen to him, the old man took hold of the policeman sitting in the truck while it was moving. The policeman then slapped him and pushed him away from the running truck. The old man slapped him back in order of self-defense and this raged the cop. He pushed the aged on the ground and started beating him up with his foot on the victim’s chest.

old man slapped by police

The public was just watching the show and no one took a stand for the old man. Because as it would be going against the police. This senior citizen was just trying to convince the cop and stop him from taking away his scooter for no reason. The victim is now in a hospital. We cannot behave with a senior citizen like this. Pushing the man, slapping him and beating on the chest with foot is a punishable offense. The policeman deserves strict punishment for his act. In a country, where our PM is trying to give free education and make a better India,  our senior citizens are getting this kind of behavior! What kind of safe country are we living in? Where is outright to raise a voice against the wrong?

Old man hit by cop

What Does The Law Say

Rules and Law for towing vehicles : As per the Sections 127 and 201 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, if a motor vehicle is left abandoned or unattended for ten hours or more in a public place, so as to cause impediment to the free flow of traffic, its removal by a towing service or wheel clamping may be authorized by a police officer in uniform having jurisdiction.

Old man hospitalized

So, if your car is not violating any of the above mentioned and still your car is towed then you can quote the above laws and take actions against it. Watch the full video here,

There are so many things happen around us, sometimes it bother us, sometimes it don’t. There was an incident few days back where cops refused to help a teenager because of a shocking reason. The shameful incident you can read about it here.