Ola Cab Driver Arrested for Dragging Passenger On Cab Bonnet For 500 Meters


Nowadays cabs plays a huge role for day to day transportations. Many cab companies like Uber, Ola have acquired most of the market. Sometimes things don’t go as per we want. In a rather strange turn of events, an Ola cab driver has been arrested on the charges of dragging a customer on his cab bonnet after there was an argument over a cancellation.


When And Where Did This Happen?


The rather weird event took place in front of the Domestic Terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi on 2nd April 2018.


Build Up To The Altercation

The ordeal took place after the passenger had just arrived in Delhi from Port Blair airport at around 5 pm in the evening and booked an Ola cab for the Domestic Terminal itself. The issue started when there was an apparent issue over a cancellation from the driver’s end.


What Exactly Happened?

Ola Cab Driver

As per police reports, the entire issue started when the driver said that there is no space in the cab boot for the customer’s baggage and he canceled the cab from his send. In protest, the customer sat on the bonnet of the cab and refused to allow the cab driver from leaving. After multiple warnings, the customer refused and the cab driver took the rather weird decision to speed off with the customer still on the bonnet of the cab.


Aftermath Of The Event


The cabbie drove for around 500 meters with the customer on the car bonnet un till he was stopped by the police.  The cabbie has been taken into custody and is expected to remain there un till the police further examine the case. The passenger suffered grievous injuries and has been taken to AIIMS or further treatment.


A Word From The Delhi Police

A police officer said that the altercation started after the cab driver canceled the trip and then he dragged the customer is rather dangerous circumstances on the boot of the car. He further added that a statement from the victim’s wife has been recorded. She said that the entire family of 5 landed at Terminal 1 of IGI airport at around 5 pm. She further added that her husband has a fight with the driver over a baggage issue as there wasn’t space in the boot. DCP of Airport Police, Mr. Sanjay Bhatia said that the issue will be considered and further assured that the police will take all the necessary measures to prevent another issue like this from ever happening again.

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