Why is the All-New Honda Jazz 2020 Hybrid so Expensive? Check Specs

New Honda

The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show was the platform from which the new Honda Jazz 2020 came into the limelight. The next-gen light hatch is a direct competitor to the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta. In Europe, the front-wheel-drive hatch will feature a 1.5-litre hybrid drivetrain (80kW/253Nm). The all-wheel-drive variations will only be available in Japan, its home market.

The introduction of the all-new Honda Jazz 2020 is in anticipation of only electrified powertrains in Europe by 2022. No doubt the Jazz is a bells and whistles model, sports impressive and automatic only, but it comes with a shell shocker price tag for some buyers. Jazz EX, the well-equipped variant has a starting price of £21,385 and £20,185 for the Jazz SR. An SUV-inspired model that will invade Nissan Juke’s realm is also in the pipeline. The price tag for the Crosstar EX variant will be £22,635.

Honda Jazz 2020 Hybrid Features


e:HEV Hybrid System

The twin-motor hybrid powertrain is perhaps the standout feature of the new Jazz models. The e:HEV range will be the first to flaunt the latest e: Technology branding and utilize the latest technology by the brand. This new technology will consequently feature in all Honda electrified versions.

All the variants will have an innovative fixed-gear transmission, which, according to Honda, is more efficient and smoother than CVT. The e:HEV powertrain boasts 108bhp and 253Nm of torque, thanks to a compact lithium-ion battery pack, two electric motors and 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol.



New Honda Jazz

According to Honda, the one-box MPV-like design will maximize the interior space just like the old model. But unlike the previous model, this unit has a chunkier bumper and larger headlamps. In the rear, it has more conventional horizontal lights as opposed to the vertically stacked units in the previous Jazz

The new Jazz has a more rigid body shell and improved windscreen view, thanks to the slimmed-down A-pillars. And similar to the previous model, the vehicle comes with a generous rear hatch opening for hauling bulky items. Unfortunately, the boot space takes a significant hit from the current 354L to 298L.

The more rugged Jazz Crosstar EX features a unique front grille design, two-tone paint and new bolt-on roof rails. Honda says that the model has water-resistant upholstery in case of accidental spills from your favorite beverage.



New Honda Jazz

The new Jazz comes with a top-shelf multimedia system with voice controls, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, built-in sat-nav, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. According to Honda, the new model comes with physical dials and buttons for controls, which is in response to consumer demand.


Paint Finishes

There is a range of premium paint finishes that buyers can choose from. Options include Midnight Blue Beam, Shining Grey, Platinum White, and Surf Blue. “Premium+” color schemes are also on the plate, and they include Premium Sunlight White and Premium Crystal Red, which take you back about £650 for each. The premium paint finishes add an extra £550 to the price.

Without a doubt, the price tag of the all-new Honda Jazz 2020 hybrid is out of reach for most of the current light-hatch buyers. But according to Honda, “the days of cheap city cars are over.”

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