New Feature: Now You Can Add Music To Your Instagram Carousels; Here Are The Steps

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Tired of the same old image carousels? Add life to it! How? Instagram unveils new feature! Users on the Meta-owned site may now include music in picture carousels thanks to Instagram’s new content-focused capabilities. Continue reading to find out how to do it.


How To Add Music To Your Instagram Carousels?

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The instructions below will help you to add music to your Instagram photo collection or carousel post.

1. To make a carousel post, press the “+” symbol on the app.

2. Pick the photographs you want to use. To build a carousel on Instagram, it requires at least two pictures. Tap Next to continue to the editing stage from this point.

3. Choose Add Music from the editing page’s menu. The backdrop of your carousel post may now be customized with your chosen music. Instagram will provide some suggestions here, much as Reels did, but you may still select the song of your choice.

4. The audio can also be modified. For instance, you might be able to pick which section of a certain song to feature in an Instagram carousel post. You might also utilize the music you’ve saved on the app.

5. If you choose, continue to add a caption, tags, and location. Then click Share! Your followers may now access your carousel, which includes music in the background.

Despite being targeted towards content producers, this feature may be helpful for anybody trying to give their Instagram carousels a fresh touch. Did it not make your mood happier? Go and try this new and exciting feature. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section. Further, stay tuned for more updates.

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