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Natasa Stankovic Talks About Her First Meeting With Hardik Pandya, ‘I Had Not Seen Such A Person’

Natasa Stankovic Hardik Pandya First Meeting

Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya recently renewed their wedding vows in a grand manner. While many of us are aware that Hardik is an Indian cricketer, Natasa on the other hand is a former dancer. Furthermore, she is also an ex-Bigg Boss contestant. It is safe to say that she received most of her fame from that show only. In their recently released wedding trailer, we can see how Natasa talks about her first meeting with Hardik. “I had not seen such a person” was something worth noting in that video. If you are curious to know what she said then you are in for a treat. Read on to enlighten yourself.


Natasa Stankovic And Hardik Pandya In Their Wedding Trailer

Hardik Natasa Wedding Photos

In a recently released wedding trailer, we can see how Natasa Stankovic talks about her first meet-up experience with Hardik. She narrates how she met him via a common friend. Furthermore, unlike the usual handshake the cricketer went for a hug. It is safe to say that it astounded Natasa. She said as we quote,

“I went out with a few of my friends and there was also a friend of mine who apparently was also HP’s friend. Then he walks in a hat, some kind of a shawl, and blingy-blingy everywhere. In so many years in India, I had not seen such a person, such a persona. I was like, ‘What is this?’ ‘Who is this?”

She further added,

“You know when you’re meeting someone for the first time, I was going for the hand and he came for a hug. Don’t know the name, nothing, he was just very friendly, that’s how we met for the first time.”

In the same trailer, Hardik also shared his first experience. The cricketer mentioned how he was bowled at once when he saw Natasa for the first time. He forgot that he had come to a party with two other girls after he saw Natasa. He said as we quote,

“Once I sat on the table, I was only trying to talk to Natasa. She was obviously very good looking, pehle udhar hi bhai fisal gaya tha (that is where I fell in love with her)”


The Duo Had A Grand Renewed Wedding At Udaipur

Hardik Natasa Reception Photos

Back in 2020, they had an intimate wedding and were blessed with a baby boy Agastya in July 2020. However, earlier this year the duo had a grand renewed wedding at Udaipur. During valentines week, the duo had a lovely Christian wedding which was followed up by a wedding of Hindu rituals. It would not be wrong to say that their wedding was highly mesmerizing.

Have a look at their wedding trailer,

In the wedding trailer, we can see how both of their families are enjoying their relationship. There were also moments where both stars were seen dancing as well as playing cricket together. Furthermore, Natasa shared how Hardik has always been honest. She said as we quote,

“From day one, he was very honest. With him there is no grey, it is either black or white.”

The cricketer also added how Natasa’s presence in his life made him achieve success, professionally. He said as we quote,

“The way she gave me warmth, I started getting more solutions because she taught me how to find solutions. That learning in my love life taught me to achieve more and more in life. I also got more patient because it takes a lot of patience to live with Natasa.”

Natasa and Hardik have a lovely boy who also enjoyed the renewed wedding of their parents thoroughly.

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