Why Kejriwal Hates Modi So Much? Find Out Why – #NamoVsKejri



What more can our Narendra Modi need, now that he is occupying the one of the highest positions in the nation?


Legacy like that of indomitable first PM of India Nehruji, to be the remembered through text books, symbols and the minds of ordinary Indian. So if all is set that way, can there be a foil in the plan?

It looks now like only BJP and AAP are the only expanding and active parties in the nation. Soon AAP maybe running three state government and is almost the third major party in India. And Kejriwal's friendliness towards regional leaders of Bihar and WB might well be replicated to the other states as well. 


It is clear that the mere existence of Kejriwal and AAP disrupts the peace in Modi's mind and threats against his lives have been taken too lightly, despite having had a few of those lives taken for political convenience in the recent past. 


When AAP seems the only platform that swarms up to raise voice against the PM, it also seems to be the only that has facing the wrath. Delhi has seen its MLAs being dragged to locked jail even when for cases where material evidences were not available.


If AAP's real mission was to bring about a change in the country by making it clean and corruption free, this might be its only chance!


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