These Mysterious Places Where Gravity Does Not Work

Mysterious Places Where Gravity Does Not Workvia

Visiting magical places is very attractive and exciting to explore the science behind the scenes. Sometimes it is naturally built, and sometimes it is made artificially. There are mysterious places where we will find that gravity does not work. There are some places where we see the absence of gravity or things that are defying gravity.


1. Mysterious Road In South Korea

Mysterious Road In South Korea

This mysterious road is located on the island of Jeju-do in South Korea. It is known as Dokkaebi Road by its locals. The honeymoon couple identified the road when their car moved upwards, which had left in a neutral. It is a part of a lengthy highway; the officials marked the starting and ending point for tourists to explore it. People are experimenting by placing an empty bottle on the road, moving upwards rather than down the road. Some tourists may experiment with defying gravity by pouring water and seeing it flow upward. This is because the 3 degrees slight downhill slope appears to be uphill because of its high surroundings.


2. Anti-Gravity Hoover Dam, USA

Anti-Gravity Hoover Dam, USA

The Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam built in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It stands 726.4 ft tall. It was the world’s tallest dam when it was built. Hoover Dam was constructed in the structure to repel objects thrown from the top of the structure. Many people visit that place and test this anti-gravity phenomenon by pouring water from the top of the dam in which water drops are not falling downwards instead of scattering upwards. The same thing can experiment with the lighter objects that fly upwards to throw down the dam. This is the strong wind flow from all the sides and wind reflected from the dam’s curved wall.  It was mainly built for flood control, power generation, and water storage. It is one of the attractive places for tourists to visit and experiment with anti-gravity that not allowing the object to fall.


3. Upside Down Waterfall In England

Upside Down Waterfall In England

The Waterfall itself is a fantastic place to visit; think if it is flowing upside down, it is catchier to see. This type of waterfall also exists in this world which is uncommon but exploring. One of the waterfalls in the Loch Pooltiel on the Isle of Skye will flow upwards on strong storms hit over there. Storms are common things frequently hitting in the UK because of the climatic change that makes it warmer.


4. Falling-Like Golden Rock In Myanmar

Falling-Like Golden Rock In Myanmar

The Golden Rock is also known as Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, which is the world-famous worship place in Myanmar for those who follow Buddhism. It was a belief that this huge rock hangs there due to the Buddha’s magical hair, and it was placed there by two powerful deities 2500 years ago. The contact area between the mountain and the rock is tiny, and it almost likes falling off the edge. It was believed that women could easily push down the magic rock, so the women are not allowed there. Its total height, along with the Pagoda, is 15 meters, and its diameter is 25 meters. It is a tourist place for worship, and it looks like it was defying gravity that huge rock placed on the edge of the hill.


5. Anti-Gravity Road At Mount Aragats In Armenia

Anti-gravity Road At The Mount Aragats In Armenia

It is a natural phenomenon that, due to gravity, every object on the earth is attracted towards the earth based on the mass. The flow of objects from the top of the slope towards the down is normal, but in the road in Mount Aragats in Armenia, we can see the reverse process where it seems like the disappearance of gravity.

You can see many videos uploaded by the tourist who visited a place that looks unusual that can’t imagine on the internet. When a car is in neutral moving upward from downward without a driver, a ball placed in the downslope moving upward, walking upward is easier than downward. Mount Aragats is the northern summit located at 4090m above sea level. This puzzling Mount is called in different names like gravity hills, magnetic hills, mystery hills, and more.

Still, it remains a mystery for scientists. Many explanations are given, like some magnetic fields, optical illusion, and aliens’ existence. However, it attracts the tourist for its unusual phenomenon.

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