Myanmar Army Plane With 14 Onboard Crash Lands At Mizoram’s Lengpui Airport: Six Injured

A Military Rescue Mission Turns into a High-Stakes Landing at Lengpui Airport

Myanmar Army Plane Crash At Mizoram

In a surprising turn of events, a Myanmar Army plane found itself in the spotlight at Mizoram’s Lengpui Airport, setting the stage for an unexpected twist amid recent border tensions. Here’s a quick rundown of the dramatic incident at the challenging tabletop runway. The skies above Mizoram witnessed an unexpected twist as a Myanmar Army plane, attempting to rescue personnel in India, crashed at Lengpui Airport. The challenging tabletop runway lived up to its reputation, causing the aircraft to skid off course during landing.


A Turbulent Landing

The day took a dramatic turn as a Burmese Army plane, on a mission to pick up Myanmar Army personnel in India, crashed at Lengpui Airport. The tabletop runway, known for its challenging nature, added to the suspense. As the aircraft skidded off the runway during landing, resulting in a split fuselage.


Six Injured, Eight Safe

Mizoram’s Director General of Police confirmed that six of the 14 individuals on board sustained injuries, while the remaining eight escaped unharmed. The injured were promptly admitted to Lengpui Hospital for medical attention.


The Background Story

The incident unfolded against the backdrop of Myanmar soldiers entering Bandukbanga village in Mizoram. Thus, seeking refuge after their camp fell to ‘Arakan Army’ fighters. The soldiers had initially approached the Assam Rifles before fleeing to Mizoram. Notably, they entered India with arms and ammunition, adding an extra layer of complexity to the situation. As the Myanmar soldiers sought refuge in Mizoram, tensions escalated. In a separate development, India repatriated 184 Myanmarese soldiers who had fled to Mizoram following clashes with an ethnic insurgent group. The soldiers were flown back to Myanmar on military planes from Lengpui Airport.


What’s Next?

While 184 soldiers have been safely returned to Myanmar, the remaining 92 are scheduled for repatriation. The unfolding events at Lengpui Airport have inadvertently added a layer of intrigue to the already tense situation at the India-Myanmar border. In a world where entertainment headlines often dominate, this real-life drama at Lengpui Airport showcases that sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction. Stay tuned for more unexpected twists and turns on the global stage.

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