Mumbaikars Taught A Lesson To This Policeman Who Kept Inappropriately Touching A Woman’s Back


Every day women are facing several kinds of harassments from some nasty men. Some dirty men find sadistic pleasure in touching girls body in buses, trains and wherever possible. I wonder why their mothers don’t teach them to see a mother in every woman. Seems, some parents feel their job is over once they produce children. If some other woman is crying because of your son sadistic harassment, then that woman tears will destroy your family. I wonder why they don’t understand this.

The irony is, apart from the common people, the police who are for protection are also getting involved in harassing women. Because of such shameless people, the whole profession gets a dirty damage. People already lost respect on Indian police a long back and these incidents add fuel to it. After seeing this video of a policeman trying to feel up a woman who was sitting beside him, you will definitely feel angry. The shameful incident took place at Kalyan Junction railway station.


This Is What Happened


The cop was touching the woman’s back in the broad daylight in front of many people. Yes. You read it right. Few individuals observed him and one of them recorded his act on camera. However, the cop tried to act ignorant holding his bag as his hand was wandering and touching her back.



This was going on for long. And onlookers couldn’t tolerate it anymore, they confronted the policeman. People at the railway station tried to teach him a lesson by threatening to file a complaint against him. And in this incident, an even more surprising incident is that there was no reaction from the woman as if she was lost somewhere and couldn’t sense the cop’s touch. It is clearly understandable from the video that as she was neither sleeping nor thinking anything and looked to be pretty active.

When mob started questioning the policeman and tried to catch him for reporting an FIR against him, she did not react or show any interest as if she had got nothing to do with what happened while others were fighting for her. People at the station asked the woman as to why she was not reacting and taking an action. Kundan Srivastava shared the video on the social networking site with a caption,

“Shameful! A Policeman is trying to molest a woman at Railway Station. The incident took place at the Kalyan Junction railway station, Mumbai yesterday on June 19; 2018.”

Some men consider women merely an object of pleasure and can’t look beyond their body. Such guys can only understand when that karma hits on their daughter in future.


Check Out The Video Here

Isn’t this a disgusting act? Only if strict action is taken against such policeman then no one dares to repeat such acts. Why doesn’t Indian government punish such people? What is the reason behind this? What is your reaction towards this incident? Share us in the comments. And there are plenty of these incidents. This UP policeman demanded foot massage before filing a complaint.

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