Mumbai’s No. 10 And 11 Tanush Kotian And Tushar Deshpande Rewrite History; Hit Centuries In Ranji Trophy

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In a twist of fate, Tanush Kotian and Tushar Deshpande, at No. 10 and No. 11, created history in the Ranji Trophy quarterfinal against Baroda, and their back-to-back centuries defied expectations, placing them among cricketing legends. This article explores the intricacies of their historic partnership, highlighting its profound impact on First-Class cricket. Join us as we unravel the captivating tale of Mumbai’s Kotian and Deshpande, trailblazers who reshaped the role of lower-order batters.


Tanush Kotian And Tushar Deshpande Centuries

Mumbai’s Tanush Kotian and Tushar Deshpande surprised in the Ranji Trophy quarterfinal, making history as the second No. 10 and No. 11 pair to score centuries together. Cricket fans were left in awe as the lower-order batters defied expectations. The unexpected achievement captivated enthusiasts, defying norms in the cricketing world. Kotian and Deshpande’s names now proudly grace the record books.


Historical Context

In a rare display of resilience, Mumbai’s Tanush Kotian and Tushar Deshpande joined forces for the last wicket, achieving a historic milestone. Their centuries as No. 10 and No. 11 create only the second instance in First-Class history. Chandu Sarwate and Shute Banerjee previously accomplished this extraordinary feat in 1946. The achievement cements their place in cricketing history, emphasizing the unpredictability of First-Class cricket.


 A 200-Plus Stand For The Last Wicket

Tanush Kotian Tushar Despande Centuries Ranji Trophy
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Tanush Kotian and Tushar Deshpande’s partnership, amassing 232 runs, is just the third time in Indian cricket history that a pair managed a 200-plus stand for the last wicket. Their resilience and batting prowess defy traditional expectations of lower-order contributions, providing a thrilling spectacle for cricket fans and securing Mumbai’s dominance in the quarterfinal.


Setting New Records

Tushar Deshpande’s century places him among the elite few who scored a First-Class hundred at No. 11, surpassing the previous highest score by an Indian No. 11 batter. His innings of 123 eclipses Shute Banerjee’s record and contributes to Mumbai’s dominance in the quarterfinal. This individual milestone adds personal triumph to the team’s success, showcasing Deshpande’s exceptional skills and determination.


Chasing Records

Falling one run short of the Ranji Trophy record for the last-wicket partnership, Mumbai’s Kotian and Deshpande’s achievement adds a new dimension to the tournament. Despite narrowly missing the record, their performance becomes a talking point, resonating with cricket enthusiasts across the country. The duo’s pursuit of excellence and impact on the game elevates the significance of this record-breaking innings.

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