The Irreplaceable MS Dhoni Shares Train Ride With His Jharkhand Team



The captain of the decade, MS Dhoni cool is just chilling out after he retired from Test cricket and gave up his captaincy in ODIs.

After retiring from the skipper's posiotion, he has been spending more time with his friends, family and his Jharkhand cricket team. And why wouldn't he? For the first time, he is enjoying more of the phase than hovering over the future. 

But out of habit, he is leading Jharkhand state’s cricket team for the Vijay Hazare trophy. 

Dhoni is the epitome of a true mentor.

MS DhoniRef

Dhoni accompanies his in the train journey, ditching those cozy flights. 

MS DhoniRef

Dhoni Said, "I am traveling in a train after 13 years. It is a long route and I will enjoy it. I’ll talk to my team-mates and enjoy.”

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Under his grace, Jharkhand team is flourishing and savouring their auspecious time. 

MS DhoniRef

The cool Indian captain, who is known to wander the world in planes and his hummer, is relishing over his leasure time. 

God bless his lineage!


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