Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Is Based On A True Story, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Sagarika Bhattacharya

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji is back after a long break. With the release of Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway, she is returning. The trailer was also out on Thursday. Critics and admirers are already praising the actress greatly since the trailer was out. They are also appreciating the creators for providing content that is both compelling and emotional. Additionally, Ashima Chibber is the director of the film, which features Rani Mukerji and Anirban Bhattacharya in the lead roles. Jim Sarbh and Neena Gupta will also be present and play important parts. Its production is under the banner of Zee Studios. A Bengali couple living in Norway is the subject of the true story Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway.


Everything About CWS Barnevernet

Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya Norway

In Norway, a child welfare service is commonly referred to as Barnevernet. The group is a government organization in charge of the country’s child safety. The organization also imposes stringent rules for all residents of the nation and is very strict about protecting children. Regardless of their cultural heritage, this applies. Even a gentle slap is regarded as unlawful. Additionally, the CWS implements plans for kids and their families when there are unique requirements in connection to the home environment. Counseling, advisory services, and help measures are additional forms of assistance. It also includes daycare access, domestic stress-relieving measures, and contacts for further help.


True Story Of Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway

Rani Mukerji Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway Real Story

In 2007, Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya relocated to Norway. The following year, they gave birth to a son they named Avigyan. Aishwarya, their daughter, was also born to them in 2010. According to reports, Avigyan showed “autism-like” signs when he was young. He was put in a neighborhood family kindergarten. The child welfare service allegedly kept an eye on the family for months, though. Moving on, the officials seized the couple’s children in May 2011 under the pretext of poor parenting.

Sagarika Bhattacharya Norway

Additionally, they objected to Sagarika feeding the infant by hand and compared it to force-feeding. Children sharing a room with their parents was another issue. In Indian households, however, this is a very common occurrence. Charges against the parents also included Sagarika Bhattacharya slapping them. They added that there wasn’t enough space for the kids to play. Additionally, they also put the charges of giving their kids “unsuitable” toys and clothing.


More About The Case

Sagarika Bhattacharya Norway Real Story

The foreign ministry was then into the matter after the family’s request. The Indian government also harshly criticized the CWS of Norway for separating the kids from their parents. Furthermore, the head of the Norway Human Rights Alert describes the event as “state kidnapping”. In the meantime, following a diplomatic dispute between Norway and India, the Norwegian government chose to give the custody of children to their uncle. He was able to return them to India.

At that point, Anurup and Sagarika’s marriage experienced difficulties, and they parted. Sagarika had to go through yet another round of court proceedings, this time in India. It was to gain custody of her kids. She claims that her spouse and her in-laws falsely accuse her of having mental illnesses. Sagarika, however, gets legal custody of her kids in 2013 from a court. According to reports, she now lives peacefully and privately in Kolkata, India, with her kids.

Rani Mukerji Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway

Soon, the compelling tale of a mother’s battle with an entire nation to reclaim her children will be out. The release date is March 17th, 2023, in theatres. All eyes are currently on Ashima Chibber’s film. People are curious to find out if the movie can realistically depict the distress and suffering of a distraught mother.

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