Monkeys Kill 250 Dogs As An Act Of Revenge After Puppy Kills Infant Monkey

Monkeys Kill 250 Dogs

Yes, you read it right. In a bizarre incident that took place in the Beed district of Maharashtra, a group of enraged and revenge-driven monkeys has killed over 250 dogs within a month. The monkeys dragged dogs to the building’s rooftop and tree and drop them. The killing is believed to be an act of revenge from monkeys after a few dogs killed an infant monkey.


The village with a population of over 5000 called the forest department for help. As per the report in News 18,  the villagers contacted the forest department about the incident and requested them to catch the monkeys in the area. However, when the officials came, they were not even able to catch even a single monkey as per the reports.


The local people decided to take action themselves. However, then the simians turned their sights on the local men. Some of them were even injured after falling from buildings while trying to save the dogs. According to the local people, the monkeys are taking revenge. They are enraged after some dogs killed an infant monkey some time back. After this, the monkeys started killing the dogs in the area in a gruesome manner.

Monkeys Kill 250 Dogs

Almost all the puppies in the Beed district have been killed.  The villagers say that there are hardly any dogs left in the village. However, the primate has still not stopped. According to the report, now they have started targetting school-going kids. These attacks have created panic and tension in the villagers. Sachin Kand, Beed Forest Officer said,

“Two monkeys involved in the killing of dogs have been captured by a Nagpur Forest Department team in Beed. Both the monkeys are being shifted to Nagpur to be released in a nearby forest.” 

It is really a bizarre incident. What do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comment below.

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