This Man Claims To Predict The Future And Here Are His Predictions – #6 Is Shocking

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Do you believe in time travel? Do you think that you can travel in Past or in Future and See the world from a different perspective? All sounds like a sci-fi movie right? Here are few of the shocking predictions made by him.

Future Travel

Well, then you haven’t met this guy who claims to have come from the future.


The Future Traveler

Time Travel

Noah in America claims that he has traveled the future, he has seen it, lived in it through 2030. Sounds weird to you? And now this Future Traveler says that he has come to tell the world that there is going to be a Huge War in the world.


1. War Prediction

North korea

This war is going to be between North Korea and South Korea and there will be a lot of destruction and deaths. The war will be very massive and cruel and both nations would battle it out to their fullest and also external countries will interfere and take sides and make the war even bigger.


2. Great Challenges Awaiting For China

China Flag

He also claims that China is going to experience some great challenges from other countries this time. He has told many things about future to the people. His confidence and his words seem to be true.


3. Shock For America

Donald trump

Rather than getting a new President, US will witness Trump as their President again. Even after being in news and after all the Allegations, Donald Trump will again be elected as the President of America in 2020.


4. Phones To Get A New Shape

Mobile Phones

He says that By the end of 2020 Mobile Phones will come in shapes and sizes that you will not believe.


5. Robots To Rule Us


By the end of 2020, there is going to be Robots who will be able to do all the Housekeeping by themselves.


6. Time Travel A Possibility

time machine

Another prediction, in 2028 Humans will start going to Mars on a regular basis and Time Travel will become normative. This is the year where Time Machines will start being sold.


This guy claims that His age is 50 years old. When did we ask him why he doesn’t look like he’s 50? He says “When I was in the future, I took drugs through which you can stay young for as long as you want.” There have been several allegations on him that he might be lying. It caught people’s eyes when he went on air on a Radio Show and told a lot of things about Future. And what is much amazing is that all those things were proved to be true by the Lie Detector. If you think these predictions from the American guy are unbelievable, you would be amazed to see these Hindu predictions that came to be true.  Click here to check out.

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