Here Are The 10 Major Changes And New Features Of WhatsApp Introduced In 2022

Major Changes & New Features Introduced By WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most treasured apps for every possible human in the world. It is a platform that connects people from across the globe. It allows users to do plenty of things. Sending text and voice messages, making voice and video calls, and sharing images, documents, and locations, are to name a few of those things. We all know that it is owned by the American company Meta Platforms. Furthermore, the year 2022 has come to an end, and so many tech developments took place during that year. WhatsApp, for one, also introduced interesting changes and several new features. If you are curious to know about the new features of WhatsApp, then you are at the right place. We have curated a list of 10 major changes that were introduced in the year 2022. Read on to enlighten yourself about them.


1. Undo Deleted Messages

WhatsApp Messages

It has always been impossible to retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp. However, the problem is now solved with the ‘undo’ feature. This feature helps to retrieve all types of deleted messages, be it even the “Delete for me” ones.


2. Multiple Groups: Communities

Multiple Groups Communities

In the year 2022, WhatsApp launched a new feature, “Communities”. With this feature, users can club multiple groups together. Consequently, it helps organizations and businesses to do official conversations by bringing several groups under one community.


3. Group Calls

Group Call WhatsApp

One of the most talked-about new features of WhatsApp is the Group calls feature. Earlier, up to only 8 people could attend group calls at one time. However, now the limit of participants has been extended to 32 people.


4. Avatar

WhatsApp Avatar

Just like Snapchat, you can now also create your Avatars and use them while chatting with your friends and family.


5. Group Exit

Group Exit

Whenever we used to exit a WhatsApp group, other participants got to know about it. However, we the new feature of WhatsApp, you can exit the group silently.


6. File Sharing

WhatsApp File Sharing

Sharing files bigger than the size of 100 MB was impossible on WhatsApp. However, this hassle is now over. WhatsApp has increased the file-sharing size limit to 2 GB.


7. Hide Online Status

WhatsApp Online Status

Hiding your last seen is one of the oldest WhatsApp features. However, in the year 2022, a new crazy feature was also introduced. Now, the app allows people to hide their online status. You could also not see others’ online status as well.


8. Hide Profile Picture

Hide Profile Picture

The hide profile picture is also an age-old one. However, now, if you wish to hide your profile picture with only certain contacts, you can also do that.


9. React With Emoji

WhatsApp Reaction With Emoji

Just like Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp also now allows everyone to react to emojis in individual texts of people. Isn’t this everyone’s favorite feature now?


10. In Chat Polls

WhatsApp Chat Poll

Many people are not aware of this feature, but now you can have in-chat-polls. Worrying about what food you should order for dinner with friends? Have an in-chat-poll with those friends.

Which among the aforementioned features is your favorite? Do tell us via the comments below. 

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